GOP to spinal cord victims “See what happens when you support the wrong party?”

The LA Weekly is reporting that even before actor Christopher Reeve’s body is cold, Republicans in Congress are playing politics with the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act, which has already passed in the House in a 418 to O vote, and, prior to this week, was expected to sail easily through its Senate vote.

What would the bill do? Basically make life a little better for about two million paralysed Americans without costing anything.

So why the delay? Apparently Christopher Reeve is being punished (yes, you’d think being paralysed from the neck down and then dying would be enough, but no) for speaking out a little too loudly in support of stem-cell research. There’s nothing about stem-cell research in this bill, but that’s apparently not the point.

Further, a spokesman commenting for the Christopher Reeve foundation believes the Senate Republicans wouldn’t have dared do this were Christopher Reeve alive.

So the cause to which he devoted his post accident public life takes a hit because of his politics. Never mind the millions that could be helped. Just when you think the Republicans can’t sink any lower.

Little wonder that his widow, Dana Reeve, today announced that she’ll be supporting John Kerry.

Me too. I just wish I got to vote twice. Once for Kerry and again against Bush.

2 thoughts on “GOP to spinal cord victims “See what happens when you support the wrong party?”

  1. Mom

    Love the site. I’m so delighted that you’re writing. You are so very intelligent and talented. Your style is amazing, poigant and thought provoking without being offensive. But then I agree with everything you say, because obvious you’re right!
    I’m so proud of you.

  2. Annie

    Thanks Mom! You’ve always been so supportive of everything I do. I’m glad to know you’re reading. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself. But the, as you always said, at least I’m in good company.
    Love ya right back!


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