Christmas 2004

What a different sort of Christmas!

It was strange not seeing my family on Christmas Day (and not having plans to see them after either). I imagined the next time I did that I’d be in England or something. But no. We spent Christmas with my friend Beth’s family and Jinny, another one of my friends.

Christmas was amazing. When I first when to Beth’s mom’s house some 6 years ago, it was sort of a grown-up woman’s mecca. Very quiet. Shades of pink and subtle florals. We had a formal cream tea off of bone china. It was a total girl house and I loved visiting.

In the last 4 years however, Beth’s sister and her husband have had two sons and Beth and her husband have adopted a one year old boy. The balance of power has definitely shifted to the male end. And children — 2 tiny toddlers and a 4 year-old give this former femine space a new nickname, “monkey house.” What a blast of a place to spend Christmas day! It was totally toy central.

For reasons that may become clear in the next few days — yes, I’m trying to build tension — this was a very memorable Christmas. That aside, Jinny and Beth are on the job market this year and could easily end up on the other coast. It’s hard to imagine us being thousands of miles apart, but this could be the last winter we’re all in LA.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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