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This entry is part public service, part suggestion for any family member looking for a gift idea for me. There’s a wonderful (and I do mean wonderful) cookbook that’s been re-released called Frida’s Fiestas. I got a copy of it for Christmas ten years ago when it was first released. It’s a cookbook by Frida Kahlo’s step-daughter (Diego Rivera’s daughter) with wonderful recipes and beautiful photographs of both the food and Diego and Frida’s art and house in Mexico.

fridas-fiestasIt’s definitely the most beautiful cookbook I’ve ever had. Fun to read, beautiful photographs and the recipes are organized by monthly holidays. So in addition to getting information about Diego and Frida’s lives, you also get to read about Mexican holidays.

So I bet you’re wondering why I don’t have my copy anymore. Basically, I gave it to someone to look through and they thought it was a gift. I didn’t have the heart to take it back. But I really miss having it. All the other Mexican food I know how to make are family recipes — I’ve found most cookbooks for Mexican food are dismal. The ones in Frida’s Fiestas are more fun though. The book was out of print for about five years, but was re-printed last year (probably because of the movie).

So this gift would work for cooks, art lovers and anyone interested in beautiful books.

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