Home for the holidays?

P and I aren’t going up to Portland this Christmas. We’d planned to, but the airfares are really high and it seems silly to spend so much getting up there when we were just there for Thanksgiving. Going in February makes a lot more sense.

A friend I told the other day commented “are you sad not to be going home for Christmas?” And I realized that while I am sad not to spend Christmas with my parents and grandparents, what it really means is that I am going to be home for the holidays. This apartment is P and my home and I love it. With all its quirks, including our crazy landlady, I wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else.

With that in mind, I’ve got to clear up the messes here so that we can put the tree up this weekend. That’s so exciting! The amount I love Christmas trees should be illegal.

2 thoughts on “Home for the holidays?

  1. Alex Birch

    This is a different Christmas for me too. I am going to my daughter’s in the south of England , usually a trip undertaken at New Year, because for more years than I care to remember I have played host to my mom on Christmas Day. My mom died earlier this year so this Christmas will be enjoyable in a different way..but tinged with a lot of sadness.

  2. Annie

    (I just saw this comment, more than a month later). I’m so sorry for your loss, Alex. I hope the holiday with yoru daughter was good and you and your daughter got to use the holiday to recall happy times with your mom.


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