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It gets so old, the mac / pc discussion. PC users are happy to bash windows but some become offended at the idea of users switching to (or in my case, always having used) macs.

The debate always strikes me as odd. I mean, I love my mac. Over the past fifteen years I can count the number of problems I’ve had on one hand (not including the fluids I’ve poured into my powerbook). I can’t ever remember one problem since Paul switched us (we have three macs between us, so I guess we’re our own network) over to OS X two years ago. (Hey, I’m just remembering an under-warrenty drive problem in 2001!) But maybe because the macs work so well I find I don’t talk about them very much. Still, if I happen to mention mine to a PC friend who’s having trouble, there’s almost always the little dig about apple or macs. Would that happen if I was telling them about a less-problem-prone PC?

Six years or more ago that dig would come with a prediction that macs would go the way of the Sony Betamax — beaten by more dominant windows machines. I believed it myself, buying all the software I would need and maxing out my RAM, figuring when Apple went under I’d just run my machine until it wouldn’t run anymore.

Next came the comment that Macs were so much more expensive. I believed that one too until my dad (who’d just gotten a new Dell notebook) compared the cost with my new powerbook. We found that Apple’s cost the same as the higher end PCs. A PC sales person at CompUSA told me he believe Apple was selling flat-screen iMacs at a loss — it was the only way he could explain how cheap they were. I reminded him that though Apple’s OS makes up a small percentage of the operating systems in use, Apple sells more computers then most of the other large computer manufacturers in the US.

I think one of the things I like about my macs is the way that Apple decides to make a change and never looks back. It means my computers haven’t felt dated the year after I buy them the way PCs seem to. But then I’m not much of an updater. With the exception of some RAM, my computers ended their useful life with me with pretty much what they came with out of the box. I find four or five years after I get them I’m lusting after the next new one. And get it two years after that.

So I’m not due for another few years. Still, I don’t doubt Apple will be there.

Wonder what the next new thing will be in 2007?

4 thoughts on “My mac

  1. Alex Birch

    Yes I have to admit I always thought Macs were limited in their performance and its only recently , having spoken to a number of Mac users, that I am beginning to see the benefits of them. This surely has to be down to publicity or ‘spin’ Somehow the Mac has not been ‘puffed up’ enough by Apple and the impression has been allowed to linger that its a poor relation to the all conquering PC.
    Maybe Apple is happy with its market place of tuned in cognoscenti who shake their heads knowingly at such ignorance, but I would have thought there was a big world out there to grab if only they could blow the cobwebs away from some of the mistaken impressions.

  2. Annie

    Apple is terrible at promoting itself. I’ve never known why. But the products are good.
    The point that didn’t come through in my post very well is that I’m not into getting PC users to switch to mac, especially if they like their PCs. But when someone is unhappy with one brand of something and I know one I like better, I’m inclined to recommend it. That was really all I meant — that I’ve liked all my macs and I love my current ones.

  3. Bridget

    Well, I for one am totally ready to make the switch. My next real laptop will definitely be a mac. So, I hope I am not one of the ones who tends toward making digs… I am way over windows and PCs in general. After my last two experiences it is past time to try something new.
    That said, I really do love my tiny, cheap, netbook. It has definitely slowed down and occasionally pisses me off, but I would probably still want one as a compliment to a real computer, even after I convert. If apple makes one though, you can get I’ll be highly enthusiastic about trying it out.

  4. Mija

    I hope you get a chance to switch next computer. Two good friends were off-line at the same time due to Windows misbehavior and I missed them both.
    I probably should write an update as I did get my new mac last November. It’s been my favorite yet — and that’s saying something.


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