At least they’re being honest

alberto-gonzalesI have no idea what the source of this is, other than the wonderful bookofdays blog where I found it. It may be a real screen shot (and god I do hope so) or it may be the product of photoshop.
But wherever it came from the picture has had me laughing for the past two days. Sure it’s bitter laughter, but laughter nonetheless. I know a lot of my readers (friends who I’ve begged) are in the uk or Austrailia, but for those of you that are trapped in the US with me, calling or faxing your Senator about filibustering Al would be a good thing.

I may have seemed wishy-washy in my first About Al post but latino or not, I sure don’t want someone who can turn his legal mind to defending torture to be the country’s chief law-enforcement officer. I’m trying to imagine him attacking LAPD abuses or looking into civil rights violations and wondering how he could have any credibility.

Okay, this turned serious. But, as Chris says, the picture is worth a thousand. What I say is maybe the only thing we can do to keep from crying is to laugh.

One thought on “At least they’re being honest

  1. Chris

    Actually, I got the graphic from a fellow member of the Indy-500 — the group of weblogs that came together around opposition to Gonzales. (I’ve forgotten who!)
    As for your earlier, “wimpy” post — who could fail to be moved by his story, his plea to be given a chance? I remember my heart-friend since 12, Adria Quinones, making me pause for a moment on the issue. But she and I and you all kept asking other questions, joining everyone from Human Rights Watch to the National Association of Hispanic Lawyers in opposition. Your honesty in sharing both ends of the journey is quite admirable.
    But it’s the whiteboys in the Senate who used Gonzales’ ethnicity as either totem ( how many times can we repeat Hispanic?) or as political cover with Democrats. Ethnicity, as the Republican Convention showed, is now a makeup box for political theatre run by men like Rove, who are as cynical as they are ultra-white.
    The true minority in this cabinet of course, is “never lived in Texas.” Thus our graphic on the crime family truly holds/


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