Super humiliation

Last night my dad called me. He had a reason (reminding me of my great aunt’s birthday), but was also stuck in traffic on his way home and wanted to chat. After asking me about my day and week and what I’d been doing when he called, he struck out in a new direction.

DAD: "So, do you and Paul have any plans for the Super Bowl?"

ME: "Um, no not really. I haven’t really thought too much about it."

{PAUSE} DAD: "Oh. Do you know when it is?"

ME: "This weekend? Um, Sunday?" {I thought about checking on the computer, but was afraid he’d hear me typing and laugh.}

DAD: {Laughing anyway} Do you even know who’s playing?

ME: Um, the Colts? Fortunately he was apparently stopped in traffic because after giving my answer the game show buzzer he dissolved into much laughter and then gave me the right answer (it’s the Patriots and Eagles in case you’re as out of touch as me.)

He suggested that P and I might want to consider taking a newspaper. I agreed. As I answered, I realized I’d been actively avoiding the news since the election. How long can my denial continue? Still, I was glad it provided my dad with a good laugh.

7 thoughts on “Super humiliation

  1. Michelle

    Yeah, I hear ya about avoiding the news. I found that I had to after the election and the killing of Margaret Hassan in Iraq. I don’t think it’s so much about denial as it is a means of survival of sorts. A way of pulling back and conserving energy for the time being rather than spending it all in being upset at what’s going when there isn’t too much any one of us can do at the moment. There will be time to get back to it later. Lord knows it will still be there.

  2. Janice

    Even =I= know who’s playing in the Super Bowl, and you know how much I care about football. I’m not even going to watch it to see guys patting each other’s bottoms. Women’s Olympic Beach Volleyball, now there’s a homoerotic sport worth watching 😉 As for avoiding the news, I’m just being very selective.

  3. Janice

    Vic: Just to clarify — that’s football with the weirdly-shaped ball with laces, not football with the round, um, soccerball….

  4. sparkle

    I didn’t know who was playing until today, when I went to the grocery store and there were stacks of cakes (for both teams) on display in the bakery. But I did know the Colts weren’t playing – hometown interests and all, I watched them lose.
    As for the news, you’ll notice my blog has had nothing to do with it for a good long time?
    sparkle 🙂

  5. Molly B

    Alex, haven’t you heard? Janet Jackson Day is now a national holday. I leave it to you to imagine how it’s celebrated. Let’s just say I’m glad it’s sunny and above freezing outside.


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