Where is the media?

Just before going to bed tonight (okay so I’m writing this first!), I clicked over to Daily Kos.  The top entry was a link to this story.  In case you don’t want to read it, it’s a story about a family afraid to answer the phone should their caller ID show that it’s the USMC calling.  Why?  Because they effective kidnapped 19 year old Axel Cobb from his work place and spent hours pressuring him to sign up.  They can’t block the calls because apparently we’re not allowed to block calls from the government.

Now, I’m not even going to go into how well the war in Iraq must be going if the "volunteers" are having to whisked hundreds of miles away by car to secret locations and have their phones confiscated in order to be convinced to sign up.  "Not well" would seem to cover it.  My question is why isn’t this being reported elsewhere?  Why does the Seattle Post Intelligencer see this as a "Lifestyle" story rather than front page, or at least front section, news?   It seems our media have become so afraid of being called "liberal" and "biased" by the Right in this country that they’re afraid of offending by reporting that the war doesn’t seem to be very popular and that parents are having to worry about their teenagers being pressured into the service.

My opinion, worth next to nothing given how in the outs my party is, is that if Bush can’t convince his own daughters that this is a cause worth fighting and perhaps dying for, no Marine recruiter should be kidnapping Marcia Cobb’s child and trying to strong arm and guilt him into going.  Or maybe he could convince his daughters, but like most Americans he and his wife would rather not see their children fighting the seemingly endless war in Iraq.

2 thoughts on “Where is the media?

  1. Alex Birch

    As one might ask where is the media on so many issues concerning the conduct of the Iraq war. For a nation which has a Freedom of Information Act and the most free press on earth supposedly, why is the coverage of Iraq so muted in the US in almost every way? There is a difference between loyalty to ones country and subservience to its government..and I’m not sure the US press has remembered where the difference lies!!


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