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July passed with no entries at all.  How can this be?  Maybe I've made this blog too serious.  Or maybe my life is getting too trivial.  Anyway, something like that.

I've been neglecting this poor little blog and I feel bad about it.  But I'm determined it's not going to be abandoned.   So I'm going to do a meme I got tagged for a while ago and maybe even pass it on to a few others who could also do it and then I'd feel like I was blogging again.  It's the music meme which has me list the ten songs I currently like best and / or am listening to most. 

I used to be a wannabe music snob caused by dating the wrong men and
hanging with the wrong crowd.  Now though I'm old and listen to what I
like.  Mostly I look to music to be energizing.  Especially lately
since do most of my listening on the ipod during my walks.

That said, doing this has made me realize I'm not listening to enough new music. 

So what I'm into:

American Girl by Tom Petty — I've loved this song since I
was in high school.  Maybe even a little before.  Which means for more
than 20 years.  Ack.  But I still love it.

Birdhouse in Your Soul by They Might Be Giants — a song
Paul introduced me to.  It's definitely the most mood lifting song
that's ever been written. 

Baby's Got Back
Sir-Mix-A-Lot — okay, nothing makes me groove like this song.  It puts
spring in my step and wiggle in my walk.  Even though, despite some
earlier questions, I don't seem to have a problem keeping my hands off
my own booty.  🙂

Bent by MatchboxTwenty — it's hard and loving at the same
time.  And Ron Thomas rocks my world, though I think he looks a little
too sensitive (ugh!) on his new album.   

Here Comes the Sun
by Nina Simone — I like the original Beatles version too.  But Nina Simone's both rips my heart out and makes me smile. 

Leather and Lace
by Stevie Nicks — it's just what I want to hear sometimes.  I've always loved her voice.

Happy Phantom by Tori Amos — It's fun and silly and I
always end up singing along.  That should also make it a bit scary.
This reminds me I don't have her new album Beekeeper yet and I want
it.  Hmm… soon.  Very soon.

All About Chemistry
Semisonic — it's sexy and innocent and oh so singable.  I like
California and Closing Time too, but really one song per band is gonna
have to be it.

Flowers In the Window
by Travis — I'm still a newlywed and this is a very sweet love song. 

Evil Ways by Santana — this is going to stand for a lot of
Santana.  I love listening to him no matter who's singing.  It makes me
think of my dad who was always a fan.  Why haven't I been to one of
Carlos's concerts anyway?

Brown-Eyed Girl
by El Chicano
— I know the orginal is by Van Morrison and it's great too.  But this
song is all about  la vida loca.  I love it and it makes me feel pretty when I
hear it.  How many songs can you say that about?

Okay, so I did 11.  Who would I take out?  Deal with it!

Now for the hard part, the memeing back:

Because he rocks my world.  And if I like what he's found I can put it
on my iPod too.  Michelle – because her blog is so smart I just want to know what she listens to.

Chris – because her writing always delights me and because she wrote such a great entry on the book meme I posted here in March. And she wrote about Cake and I discovered I like them.

Texican – because I wonder if he's still reading.

Alex – because he remembered my birthday even though we don't almost share one.

Sparkle – because we almost share a birthday (even though she's still a kid and I'm an old lady) and because I'm seeing her tomorrow and can tell her about it.

Remember that this blog takes trackbacks.  :)  Tag, you're it.