Things I’d love to hear someone ask Bush.

You said no one imagined flood waters would break out of the levies in the event of a catagory 4 hurricane.  Is the Army Corps of Engineers really "no one"?

Why wasn’t there any federal help to evacuate the poor from New Orleans in the two days before the storm?

Four *days* after the storm passed, where is the federal assistance?  How can we have people who’ve been "rescued" by neighbors dying because they aren’t getting basic medicine?  Are we just waiting for them to starve to death or die of thirst?

The city leaders of New Orleans have requested 40,000 more guard troops.  You said there will be 30,000 more for the Gulf area.  Where will the extra help come from? 

He says the people there should wait, help is coming.  How long should they wait?  Moreover, how long can they?

One thought on “Questions

  1. Alex Birch

    ‘My fellow Merkuns..when ah say help is comin’ ah mean that Gahd in his own good tahm will send me a sahn that ah can bring those engineer gahs back from eye-rack and stick ’em in Nawleans! See jobs easy if ya got faith!! Don’ NEED ta know whut ya doin’!! Huh? Yeah Ok lots of them folks may be daid bah then. Well ya gotta take the rough with the smooth. In any case they’re purty well all po’ underprivileged black folks. Ain’t no votes in that! See Gahd moves in a mysterious way..yep you betcha. Gotta go..Ah’m doing the back 9 befo’ luurnch!’


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