A Small World

It all really comes down to Severus Snape and spanking, doesn’t it?

Or is that just for me?

Anyway, I was reminded today that:

  • a) this ‘net really isn’t such a big place after all  AND
  • b) that it’s nice and important to actually praise authors.  You know, like by sending them email.  I didn’t do that and now feel slightly abashed.

This sort of all started a couple years ago when the lovely (yet oddly naughty) Haron recommended the Ashwinder site (fanfic site dedicated to the Severus Snape / Hermione Granger pairing).  I’d never explored fanfic of any kind, and soon found myself spending hours and hours reading these stories and surfing around looking for others on the ‘net. 

A few months ago I found a wonderful story by Mikki_Rose (Snape, Hermione, school scene, spanking… plus delightfully imaginative writing — I was an instant fan).  Did I write to her and tell her how much I had enjoyed it?  No.  What I did was send an emailed link to a couple of friends (including Haron) with the subject line: "Best Snape / Hermione Story E V E R." But nothing at all to the author. 

Shame on me!

Today was my birthday.  Paul gave me a Gryffindor sweater, scarf and school tie from the Whimsic Alley shop — they’re right down the street — and Haron very sweetly posted part of Mikki’s story and a link.  (Are you still with me?)  I saw it this morning and thanked her for the happy birthday wishes and again praised the story.

Okay, so I was checking their blog before bed (and my birthday spanking).  Guess who had just found the entry?  That’s right, the author herself, who was a little surprised (and happily, flattered) to find her story being discussed. 

So anyway, thank you again for sharing that story, Mikki Rose.  And I’m sorry I never wrote and told you how much I liked it.  And to everyone else, if you haven’t read it, what are you still doing here?

That’s it.  There’s only 17 more minutes and then it won’t be my birthday any more. 


One thought on “A Small World

  1. Dyke Grrl

    A very happy belated birthday to you!
    And now I feel all guilty for not only not responding to authors whose work I really enjoy, but *also* for not being on top of responding to the people who write to tell me they like *my* work (sure, I have excuses, like being away from the computer or mentally exhausted, but still… it’s just excuses).
    Oh, and as for the birthday: I have a policy that you should consider your birthday celebration to last one day for every year you’ve been alive. It makes getting older that much more fun.


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