Good News

Although I haven’t had a chance to talk to her personally, my boss and her family made it back to Los Angeles safely.  Definitely good news. 

It wasn’t easy.  As soon as the bombing happened, they packed up everything and left Beirut.  This turned out to be a good choice, despite state department warnings that they should stay put.  The bombing and fighting have gotten worse every day for the past week and travel has become increasingly more dangerous.  They made their way out by travel to Jordan via Tripoli (the one in Lebanon) and Homs (in Syria) by means of a series of taxis and buses before finally flying out of Amman. 

I can only imagine how hard this was — especially (so her email says) at the border crossings.  During the whole of the journey they were cut off from both their friends in the states and their family in Beirut. 

She said to thank everyone who has offered prayers and support for them as they made their way home.  And finally that we remember, as she does, the others that are

still trapped and those left behind (including my family members) are now struggling without food, water, electricity, and gas.

Thank you all for caring so much.  Hopefully I’ll see her by the end of the week and and can find out a bit more.  But the important news is that they’re back. 


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