Maid For a Day or Disciplining Myself

[I mused a bit about putting this in The Punishment Book… maybe it does go there too, I’m just not sure.  It’s the whole too many blogs thing all over again!]

Today something rather unusual is happening. I get to be at home in the apartment and Paul has to be away at work (he generally works from home). In my secret heart I wanted to surprise him and me by cleaning a bit and re-organizing our bedroom while he was away (this is not usual for me).

Last night as I was dropping off to sleep I came up with the idea (based probably on some posts and conversations with Tasha), of basically thinking of myself as a maid for today — wearing something that made me feel right (though I sadly don’t have anything like this, much as that would be pretty perfect), coming up with a list of tasks and doing them like it was my job to complete them.

What I’m wearing for this:

  • white tank top
  • white sports bra
  • blue checked panties (so cute!)
  • white ankle socks
  • green and white striped apron
  • {short black swim skirt for going out to the trash bins and laundry room}

I’ll write more about how it felt after I get finished, but I wanted to write my list of tasks (so I can get to cross off the ones I finish).

  • sort all laundry into bags
  • washable (hand and machine)
  • dry cleaning / shirt laundry
  • get rid of (eBay, charity, trash)
  • change bed
  • clean and organize closet
  • vacuum
  • dust
  • Swifer
  • wash windows
  • wash curtains

It’s 10:30 PM and I finished all my tasks plus an extra two loads of washing. Our bedroom is just as clean and tidy as it’s ever been (so weird that Paul’s desk is now the messy bit!). I’ve had my bath and am very very tired but doing this was really interesting and is definitely something I want to think about some more.

Seeing our room makes me feel pleased and proud — especially that I finally washed the windows and curtains since I’ve been meaning to do that since spring came. But wow did I underestimate the time it would take to clean and re-organize the closet! Paul was surprised (especially by the outfit) when he got home, but was pleased about it, something I didn’t expect. Sometimes my all or nothing style of cleaning bothers him and I sort of expected that reaction. Plus I’d cleared out some of his stuff as well as my own. Usually he’s pretty emphatic about not wanting me to clean anything that belongs to him. So his being pleased made my pleasure in doing this all the more deeply felt.

More thoughts later perhaps when I’m more awake and better able to think.

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