Pieces of me you’ve never seen

Okay, well, some of you probably have.  At least you’ve seen some of the others.  But not all. Well, except for a few of you.

So here are all my web pieces:

el tercer ojo (okay, you’re here, you know about this one)
The Punishment Book (a group blog about discipline and punishment.  I’m Mija.)
A Smaller Target (my blog about my duodenal switch surgery and its after effects.)

The thing is, I was realizing this past weekend, I’ve got a lot of blogs.  This realization came about this weekend as I considered starting a blog for scene /spanking stuff that doesn’t fit on The Punishment Book.  I’ve been sort of inspired by Haron and Abel’s blog and thought it would be interesting to have a blog shared with Paul as I’ve discovered via the PB how much fun it can be to blog with other people.  But when I broached the topic, Paul was less excited.

Paul has his own blog already.  Sometimes he writes about scene stuff there, generally not — his blog style tends toward essays of his thoughts on a given subject at a given moment.  He likes having all his pieces together, as it were.  I can’t fault him for that.  He has a place where everything he wants to write always fits. I keep trying to give myself that — a place where all my writing can fit (it was part of my intention with A Smaller Target (hence the name)) but I worry a bit too much about giving too much information to readers who aren’t interested in X or Y but come to read about Z. Especially since A Smaller Target is read by a lot of my family (I think my parents have given the blog address to everyone they know) and my vanilla friends.  There’s stuff I can’t write when I think of them reading it.

And that is the difference between the two of us.  Paul isn’t writing for other people.  For me, the audience / community created by writing is much more the thing (of course that means I tend not to write when I’m feeling a bit down, but we all know that).

But is the solution really to divide my life up into different blogs, each piece with its own site?  I’m not sure.  I think this blog, for a while anyway, will be my experiment in blogging about just anything. 

At least for a little while…

5 thoughts on “Pieces of me you’ve never seen

  1. Haron

    Blogs are good. Lots of blogs are really, really good. I guess I’m just a compartmentalisation freak, but it makes perfect sense to me to put together different blogs for different topics, for different audiences.
    “A Smaller Target”, eh? Fantastic! Lots of Annie to read backwards 🙂

  2. Annie

    LOL… Yes, there’s lots of Annie out there.
    I can see your point about compartmentalizing blogs. But then some blogs get written in a lot (as happened for most of the last 18 months with A Smaller Target) and others, like this one, don’t get blogged in at all. It’s tough to decide what to do.
    Don’t laugh (well, okay, go ahead) but I’ve even thought about having the two separate ones (A Smaller Target and a spanking blog) but also putting everything plus my random thoughts here.

  3. Haron

    I would be the last person to laugh. I’m the one with four blogs (counting my vanilla Russian one) and craving another! 😉

  4. sparkle

    I have three (including PB), and Chris and I have considered starting a vanilla ‘family’ one for pictures and stories about the princess, though we haven’t yet.
    It really is difficult to maintain them equally (as you know). Indeed, I didn’t even know about A Smaller Target until Chris pointed it out to me a few days after you wrote this entry :).
    The tendency to compartmentalize is a natural result of our ‘online’ personas, perhaps. I’ve consciously had to look past it in my blog and by design made it inclusive of nearly everything in my life (including my marriage) so that I am more than just selected entries from my sex life.
    Anyway, you’ll work it out :).

  5. Fireman Chris

    I can “technically” say that I have three, but the Firehouse is the only one I’m really actively maintaining. A bit before I restarted that, I did start both a vanilla one (to talk about R/L issues with the fire department and other things) and one that I intended to be something of a technology/gadget review site. Both have a couple posts, but haven’t been touched really since I restarted the Firehouse.
    And as Sparkle mentioned, we’ve talked about a family one, but that could just get way out of hand, knowing us. 😉


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