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lonely-dollNo, this isn’t a post about the Ashwinder site (where I can sometimes be found spending way too much time reading Snapeporn).

But my spanking fetish comes from way back.  I can’t even remember a time when I didn’t have spanking fantasies.  Like so many of us, as a child and teen I used to comb the libraries and book shops for spanking references in books and the (wildly rare) drawing.  Those that I found as a child (especially this one from Dare Wright’s The Lonely Doll or another, like the story “A Friend in Need” from An All-of-a-Kind Family) were and are especially dear.

the-spanking-machine1While typing this I’ve had a rather odd fetish thought, perhaps more suited for Adele’s site then mine.  But I’m imagining a series of photos done with one of the lovely long-haired and sad-eyed spanking models (I’m thinking of Bailey or Katie Spades perhaps, or even sweet Adele herself) dressed as Edith over the knee of a man in a bear costume.  Am I alone in thinking that would be a wonderfully fun thing to see?  Or is it just too darn pervvy?

the-spanking-machine2Anyway, this all came up because the delightful Kessily from soc.sexuality.spanking — she’s running the short story contest this year — found some wonderful spanking pictures in some recent children’s books (ah the uses of summer reading!) and scanned them.   I’m putting them up here both because they’re wonderful and also so they’d be linked somewhere on the ‘net.

In my opinion, of course, these images are all wonderful — these first three are from “The Spanking Machine” from the book Woodland Folk Meet the Giants, by Tony Wolf. Clicking on any of these images will give you a larger pop-up.  I’m not sure what the little fox has done, but clearly s/he’s either been very naughty or is being rather unfairly treated.  I love that s/he’s doing the “post spanking” walk afterward, a little bit of a rub and, one imagines, a slightly gingerly walk.

the-spanking-machine3Personally I’ve never really been fascinated much by spanking machine stories or pictures, drawings of them, preferring to have fantasies about the human touch, so to speak.  However, I know there are lots of people who love ’em and even try and build them.   These images Kessily scanned seem especially nice and perhaps hope to guarantee another generation of spanko kids who get off on the thought of some sort of mechanized masochism.  One can at least hope so anyway!

But the pictures that did it for me, that really touched some sort of deep spanko chord from somewhere inside my childhood were the drawing she scanned from a story book called From Me To You by Paul Rogers.   The book is told as a grandmother’s nostalgic journey through her family’s history, as told by her to her small granddaughter. The grandmother recalls her childhood in Edwardian England to her marriage to her husband, and his departure for World War II.  The spanking occurs when the children make the mistake of throwing mud onto clean laundry on the line (think how very naughty!).

from-me-to-you1Aside from the fact the pictures themselves (see, I told you we’d get to them) are wonderful and beautifully rendered with lovely period clothing, I was especially touched by that description because the timing (that is, the imagined age of the grandmother) because it’s so close to my own Nana’s.  And I remember her telling stories about the mischief she and her brother would get up to and how they almost always got away with it, but there was the risk of the occasional thrashing, with her brother getting spanked much harder then she did because he was older and a boy.

from-me-to-you2I couldn’t help think of her and my great-uncle when I saw the picture of the little girl standing on tip-toe to watch her brother getting smacked in the study, knowing that she’s next.  At least that’s what I imagine happening anyway, I would have to get the book in order to be quite sure.

My thoughts when looking at the boy over his father’s knee?  Well, that if I’m ever brave enough, one day there will be a picture of me in my proper school boy uniform, complete with short pants and blazer on this site.   Maybe after my next hair cut.

Um. But don’t hold your breath!

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