Work Worries

It’s been a tense and crazy week at work, with a strong probability that I’m going to be asked to work full-time for a month or so.

At first it was just the usual editing deadline nuttiness coupled with my boss being away for three weeks for a visit with her family to their home country. And there lies the huge complication. She and her family (elderly father, brother, sister-in-law and baby) are in Lebanon. They were supposed to fly back from Beruit yesterday — but Wednesday it became clear that wasn’t about to happen. No one will be flying out of Beruit for sometime.

Where are they? How are they? The answer is that we have no idea. Messages sent via email and mobile phones are unanswered (and if you knew my boss, that means that she either can’t get our messages or can’t get one out). All we can do is watch and wait and try and guess when and how they’ll be able to get out. They’re American citizens (some by birth, some naturalized Palastinians) and Christian — we imagine it wouldn’t be very safe for them to try and head for the border. Plus there’s a baby.

So far as I can see, there’s no plan yet to evacuate American citizens. All we can do is hope and pray they’re all right.

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