Good Intentions

Okay, so I didn’t get the party report written last night, though I did write this entry in The Punishment Book yesterday which was inspired by conversations at the party.  Those of you who know me can hardly be surprised by this.  It will get done by the end of the week and maybe by then I’ll even have a few more pictures.  You never know.

Some more organized and diligent people have already done theirs:  Matt (his report is building gradually — I may steal that style as it will make it easier then trying to write it all in one bite), Library Girl (very sad to hear about the loss of her grandmother), Fireman Chris, Sierra (her pictures are so great and make me remember even more about the party — do check them out), sparkle, Adele Haze (the chick has spies EVERYWHERE).  See also the threads on Happy Tails and California Spanked Wives (can’t remember the URL will add it later).  I suspect there may be some reports in the members area of Shadow Lane as well, but I’m too broke to join, though if you’re so inclined they’re doing something very cool where they double the length of whatever membership you’ve paid for.  I’ve belonged in the past and really recommend it, especially if you’re single and looking for someone as either a long term or casual partner.   

PS.  I’m going to try and keep linking all the SL blog entries so if you have one on your blog and you don’t see it linked her, write to me <mijita (AT) thetreehouse (DOT) net> or leave a comment here and I’ll add it.  No, really I will, I swear. 

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