Looking Back on Shadow Lane

bum-in-mirrorIt’s 9:30 pm and Paul and I just got back from Vegas and my sixth Shadow Lane party.  First on my list of things to do is send a thank you to Tony and Eve for yet another great event.  “Party” almost seems too small a word for days of social activities with hundreds of guests.  I don’t know what the final count was (guess I could ask though) but there must have been more than 300 people there.

We had a great weekend — a bit different for me from other Shadow Lane parties as I didn’t play as much as I have in the past.  One might say, however, that I opted for quality over quantity and only said yes when I felt like it.  This may seem obvious to others, but in the past I’ve been a little too likely to say “yes” without checking as to whether the person asking and I have the same scene or interests.  This party, for me, was more about spending time with friends, old and new, than trying to see how many spankings I could rack up in 72 hours.

Anyway, I will write more, but I have to get to bed.  It seems unfair, but there’s work for me tomorrow morning.   My longer account must wait until tomorrow night.  But with any luck, by then there will be a picture of me standing in uniform next to a spanking model so lovely and charming she almost broke my heart.

4 thoughts on “Looking Back on Shadow Lane

  1. Mija

    Haron & sparkle: You’re both so sweet. Yes, there will be more details (and pictures) on how I got the marks and other exciting party details. Personally I’m looking forward to reading sparkle’s impressions of the party too!
    Janey: I know there *are* spanking parties in the UK, but given that a number of people travel from the UK to attend SL’s parties, I suspect there’s nothing like them in terms of size and organization. Besides, doesn’t a holiday in Vegas next September (so sad there’s no February party for 2007) sound like fun?


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