Hope For the Sloppy

shout-wipesI have a favorite skirt that’s brightly embroidered white linen.*  I love wearing it, however I know as soon as I put it on, the odds of coffee being spilled by me or someone else and landing on my clothes are about 100%.

Today was no exception — and it wasn’t even me that spilled the coffee but some goon at Coffee Bean who was too busy trying to hit on the high school girls there to notice he was slopping on me until it was too late.  I’d resigned myself to a day with a 3 inch long by one inch wide coffee stain down my front when help arrived.

Seems our office has these little towelettes called Portable Shout Wipes.  They’re like the little wipes that you get with messy food except that they’re apparently for stain treatment.  I’d seen commercials for them but didn’t believe it would really work.  Let me just say they do.  It’s not perfect, but after a few minutes use, my coffee stain has faded so much that really only I can see it.

This product could change my life.  Really.

*Note: Please keep in mind I live in Santa Monica and work in Los Angeles.  It’s freaking 85 degrees today here.  Southern California definitely doesn’t follow tradition fashion rules about fall clothing and Labor Day.

4 thoughts on “Hope For the Sloppy

  1. janice

    Good to know. I used the little Tide-to-go stick and have to say I was not impressed even tho 2 of my relatives swear by them. I keep meaning to phone, but then I don’t stay up late enough. I have travel plans . . . .

  2. Mija

    I hope you find they work for you too. I’m not saying I’m not going to need to clean the skirt before I wear it again, but it definitely made the difference between wandering around with a large and obvious coffee stain and something that could only be seen via close inspection. Once it dried. Until then there’s a wet mark.
    Sadly, of late, the line between me getting home and me going to bed seems to get finer and finer.
    So, when ya coming?

  3. janice

    well, I was disappointed in the stick both at the wet-blotch stage and later, so these wipes sound promising.
    As for the rest, check your e-mail….

  4. sparkle

    We live on Shout, both the spray bottle for the princess’s myriad of staining activities and for food accidents, dirt and any number of other imperfections. It’s not foolproof, but if you use it before the stain dries (like the towelettes), it’s pretty reliable.


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