When Worlds Collide

Okay this isn’t exactly my kink life meeting my academic life as I’m not a medivalist (I mostly do contemporary Chicana feminist literature with a dash of 19th century American to keep me from getting bored) but it’s getting close. 

And seeing that subject line in my university mailbox definitely counts as a startle.

Capital and Corporal Punishment in Anglo-Saxon England

42nd International Congress on Medieval Studies
10-13 May 2007
Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo

We are looking for papers that deal with the various forms of, concerns
with, and issues surrounding both corporal and capital punishment in the
Anglo-Saxon period. Papers may address secular, ecclesiastical or combined
interests. Legal, historical, and literary treatments are all welcome.
Please submit abstracts for twenty-minute papers by 15 September to:

I snipped off the contact information.  But if you want to submit a paper, do let me know.  I’ll be happy to forward you the full text.

4 thoughts on “When Worlds Collide

  1. Michelle

    Before I got distracted by American Evangelicalism and the Israel-Palestine conflict, my original research field was going to be the history of childhood in the Early Modern period so I could write papers for conferences like this one. Well, okay, I would have been a couple of hundred years off for this conference. But still…
    Sigh…my how distracted I got…


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