As Chris discusses, this past weekend Paul and I spent Sunday afternoon with kinky friends (Chris & sparkle, and Cat and Matt) having lunch at Canter’s and then we had a group browse through the Pleasure Chest (and I still don’t know what Cat & Matt went back in to buy after we left). 

Also, just before Paul and I headed over for lunch, I’d had coffee with Iris who wanted to return a shirt (from our beach afternoon last month) and chat a bit.  So Sunday was kind of my spanking friends day. 

Some of you know, one of my closest friends from grad school left in July to take a job at a university on the east coast.  We’ve never been "chatting" friends –you know, the sort who hang out on the phone– we tended to be more shopping, movie and meal friends.  Sure we talked, but not really for the sake of talking.   We’d talk about what we had in common –our academic work, the experiences of being minorities in an all-but-all-white field, clothes and shoes, families, books, movies and (identity) politics.  She was on my mind all weekend both because I miss her (yet end up not being very good about being in touch) and also because she was in San Fran this weekend at a conference I wasn’t able to attend.

So anyway, the point of this is as we were sitting at Canter’s (a place I tend to associate with hanging out with friends from grad school), I realized that meeting and hanging out with friends in the spanking scene is very different from hanging out with friends from graduate school.  (more to come)

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