Some Shadow Lane Pictures and a Hand Tawsing

Okay, I know I haven’t been very good about posting my promised Shadow Lane report from the August 2006 party. This isn’t it either.

hand-tawsing1Sorry.  I suck at doing stuff like that (the whole scene / party report thing), maybe because I get caught up in trying to write everything.  But you probably already know I suck by now, right? My apologies for those of you I’ve kept waiting.  I’d like to say it’ll get done soon, but as time passes that seems less and less likely.  Don’t hold your breath please.

But anyway…

This past week, the speaking spanking model Adele (who is wonderful about having frequent updates to her blog, complete with fantastic pictures) had these pictures up showing stills of a coming Northern Spanking video  photo story (thanks for the correction) where she receives a hand tawsing (followed by a spanking if you check out these).  They’re a  wonderful series of pictures.  I especially like how sweet she looks in her gymslip and how lovely and neat her nails are.  I’m afraid I bite mine, something which is a constant source of shame.

hand-tawsing2It reminded me that one of the things that had happened post-SL party is that I’d gotten copies of some pictures Tony (that would be Headmaster Tony of Florida Moonshine) had taken of Cameron M. tawsing my palms at one of the room parties during the February 2006 SL.

Many thanks by  the way to Ian (London Tanner who, I think, had made the tawse that was being used).  He’d apparently asked Headmaster Tony to take the pictures during the tawsing.  I’m grateful to them both — Tony for taking for taking them and Ian for having suggested they be taken.  I love the last one especially, mostly because of the complete lack of interest being show to the tawsing by a certain rather famous spanker.

hand-tawsing3Though I’d had my school girl uniform on for a private scene (where I’d already gotten 6 on each palm as well as some cane strokes on my bottom) before this public hand tawsing scene, I’d sadly removed it before we got to the room party.  When I realized these pictures were taken, I really wished I was still wearing it.

If you look at pictures of my hand tawsing, you can note that unlike Adele (and perhaps in part explaining why I’ll never be a spanking model) I manage to make an assortment of amusing faces / expressions ALL of which look totally fake.   None of them were –I wasn’t aware until afterwards that we were even being photographed– that’s apparently just how I look when my hands are being strapped.  How many did I take?  I think it was ten on each palm.  I say I think because by the time we finished, both the tawser (hee, sounds dirty if ya say it) and myself had lost count.  I was trying for 10 on each though and I think we maybe made it.  Maybe.

george-and-kelseyThe last picture of me as a school boy in my Australian school uniform (made even more complete by having a lovely school girl friend) is a picture from the August 2006 SL, also taken by Tony.  Note my “butch” haircut, which got me all the cute school girls.  Well, the cutest one anyway.

[A shocking post script:  Neither “tawse” nor “tawsing” are in TypePad’s spell check’s dictionary.  What’s up with that TypePad?]

I probably shouldn’t need to say this, but will just in case.  These are posted with the permission of Headmaster Tony.  If you don’t have permission from both of us, please don’t repost them anywhere.  Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Some Shadow Lane Pictures and a Hand Tawsing

  1. Kayley

    Mija, you are right! You do have a funny face when you get the tawse on your hands! *laughing* But you’re expression is so sweet!! I’m really curious what was going through your mind… ’cause I swear you look like a school girl punished by the Headmaster. lol
    I loved this post!

  2. Adele

    Yikes. You would *totally* make a spanking model. (And I’m not just being nice.) Amusing faces are a Good Thing!
    (BTW, my pics are not from a video, they’re just a photo story, though thanks for the linkage.)

  3. sparkle

    I don’t think I said this in Vegas, but I love the uniform. When you (and the others) came into my room Friday night, I swear it took me two entire seconds for my mind to connect ‘school boy’ to ‘Mija’.
    And together the two of you were hot. In the back of mind, whenever I remember seeing the two of you dressed like that together or see a picture of it, I think to myself…
    Hmm… and who is going to catch them making out behind the rectory? And *what* is he going to do with them once they’re caught?

  4. Baiely

    I have to agree with sparkle here. Mija as a school boy is just too hot. I kept saying all night long that she had to keep the blazer on because it was sexy! She said she thought I was teasing her, but I absolutely was not! Ahhhh I gotta love the butchy look! Mija, you’re my hero hehe *bats eyelashes*

  5. Mija

    Kay: LOL! See the pictures was something of a shock to me. Honestly I thought my expression was quite stoic and winsome. Seeing the pictures gave some insight into why I seem to engender the reactions I do from my tawser. I look totally annoyed and definant.
    Adele: You’re very sweet. I sometimes have fantasies about doing video or photo series work butI think I’ll content myself with admiring those of you who do it. 🙂 (And thanks for setting me straight btw. I made the corrections in my text above and added a link to Northern Spanking.)
    sparkle and Bailey: {Blush} What can I say? Thanks. As I look at my hair and wonder whether or not to grow it out again, hearing that you both find the butch look hot makes me all swoon-y.

  6. Ian The London Tanners

    Two of my very favourite pupils. Even if they are a bit on the cheeky side 🙂 I love you both.
    Improving discipline, one girl at a tIme

  7. Tawsemaker

    Great facial expressions!. Not many your side of the pond will have experienced that sort of pain I imagine. Most over here have difficulty putting their hands up for more. lol. There is a surprising interest in the belt/tawse considering how long it has been since it was used in schools over here.

  8. Arbuthnot

    I have only just come across your site and I know this is an old thread, but these hand tawsing pictures are really excellent.
    I really don’t agree with what you say about your facial expressions or the fact that you’re not in your uniform. A fine-looking mature woman such as yourself in a school uniform always strikes me as a bit silly.
    The third picture is particularly fine. It looks like a punishment, it looks real (which it wouldn’t in a school uniform) and your expression seems to be full of the teeth-gritting effort and trepidation of holding your hands out for…how many more?
    WELL DONE FOR THAT UNFORGETTABLE PICTURE! I envy the man for whose ministrations your hands are so submissively extended. What a shame hand punishments are such a very small minority preference amongst women who enjoy other forms of CP.
    The risks of hand punishments are, I believe, not as great as you fear. The frequency and ferocity with which hands were belted in all Scots schools when I was a child (sometimes en masse) never, the the best of my knowledge, resulted in any permanent physical damage (not that I advocate corporal punishment of children or anyone else without consent).
    Sorry to disagree with you about so much, when my intention is simply to express my great appreciation of your site and especially these pictures.


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