The SSC: A History

Kessily, the delightful dictator, has announced the results of this year’s Short Story Contest for the Usenet group soc.sexuality.spanking.  Haron wrote a bit about it for the Spanking Writers blog and I thought that I’d just add a bit of the history. 

Because I researched it the year I ran the contest.  And I hate not being able to recycle work.

The first year of the SSC (back when the newsgroup was at was 1994.  It was started by Duchin, who had noticed that posting tapered off in the summer, as a way to encourage people to write a little something.  It’s been run by Alex Birch, bookbabe, Duchin, Don Landhill, DLynn, Mary, Randi, Pablo Stubbs(2X), sparkle, Spraycan, Randi, me and now Kessily.  At one point I could have told you exactly who did which years, but I’ll save that in case I need extra credit at some point.

There’s been some amazing writing done for this contest over the years.  The results for the first few years are lost to Usenet history — either they weren’t archived or the archives were lost, but we have story archives going back to 1999 on the newsgroup’s website.

What is the newsgroup / Usenet / soc.sexuality.spanking and why is it so important?  The answer to that will be another post I’m afraid.  And, thinking about it, represents a big piece of me that I forgot to mention. 

2 thoughts on “The SSC: A History

  1. sparkle

    Hmm… I believe I have a 3.5″ disk with the stories on it from the year I ran it (1996?). Whatever year it was, it was the last time it was on and we kept missing stories amid the junk that weren’t e-mailed to us directly…
    Of course, I don’t have a 3.5″ *drive* so the information isn’t available to me. However, a dedicated Google searcher could find a lot of the 1996 stories still in the Usenet archives from Not so much stories from 1994 and 1995, when they weren’t clearly labeled.
    An interesting (incomplete) link for the Wiki fans:

  2. Raven

    I hadn’t thought about the SSC in years!
    Maybe I’ll have to see if I can resurrect the college-era Mac in the attic; I believe I had a file of stories on it as well.
    How cool!


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