Pavlova Dreams

So this past week my beloved turned 39.  Yeah, he’s a younger man.

scaleAnyway, one of the great things about him is that his favorite dessert is one that I had to learn how to make.  It’s called a Pavlova after the ballarina.  This dessert, invented by either Australia or New Zealand (it’s so good they both claim it) is a basic meringue topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Because I taught myself how to make it via recipe without pictures, I made an improvement to it.  Traditionally there’s just a layer of cream and then one of fruit.  Mine has cream, fruit, more cream, more fruit and so on.  I thought this was the way they were supposed to be made and by the time I worked it out, well, this seemed both more attractive and tastier.  Because who doesn’t like extra cream?

pavlova1Because of Paul’s fruit loves, the Pavlovas I make tend to be raspberry (his favorite) and strawberry (because who can afford more than a pint of raspberries in February?).    This is a lot more fun to make in the summer because the berries are much easier to come by — getting the strawberries and raspberries for this Pavlova took trips to two different supermarkets and the Santa Monica Saturday farmer’s market.  This meant that it was served Sunday rather than on Friday (his actual birthday) but hey, ya do what ya can.

pavlova2Everyone is supposed to have a signature dish.  I suspect the Pavlova has becomes mine.   This isn’t my best effort ever, but the first time I’ve gotten a picture to put up before the thing has been devoured.  So here it is.  🙂

Happy Birthday Paul!  (And before you ask, no he didn’t get spanked.  Why?  Because it was his birthday and he didn’t want to be.)

2 thoughts on “Pavlova Dreams

  1. wailer

    You need to add a few things… passionfruit and kiwifruit are de rigeur (even on an Aussie pav) :).
    If you’re looking for other Aussie yums… try lamingtons, sponge cake with a layer of jam (jelly in USian), covered in chocolate icing with coconut shavings…
    btw… 10 years since ASS/SSS? ye gods, where does the time go?

  2. isie

    I agree with wailer, passionfruit and kiwi are a must. Along with strawberry, peach, banana, mango, other berries… yum.
    Are the insides of your pav squishy? Squishy unsunken fruit laden pavs have got to be one of the best things about Australia.


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