Hand Punishments

No, this isn’t about being spanked by hands.  This is about being spanked / strapped on hands.

I’ve written about this other places,
but actually was planning a lengthier discussion on my blog as soon as
I found the time. I know it’s interesting to others because both on the
Punishment Book and el tercer ojo I probably get more Google hits based
on searches for "hand tawsing" than any others.

I believe I’ve mentioned here that hand punishments (caning,
rulering and tawsing) are something I do sometimes, even knowing that
being struck on the hands is more dangerous than being struck on the

(The pictures at
the link above are ones of me having my hands tawsed at the February 2006 SL
party by Niki Flynn’s partner HH. He’s the person I’ve done almost all
my hand tawsing scenes with over the last 8 years although I did have my hands strapped in a very different sort of way by davo at the last SL party.)

So, what frequently Why do I do it?

  • Purity: Being tawsed on the hands is purely painful with no
    explicitly sexual or erotic overtones. People into topping for hand punishments
    tend to be the sort who are into CP at least in part for the sake of inflicting
    punishment style pain, not simply erotic pleasure. They’re the sort of people
    I like to play with. In addition to that, hand tawsing has a powerful
    punishment head space.
  • Authenticity: This isn’t a surprise probably.  I’ve got a serious bent toward the school scene
    and the more authentic a school role play can be, the better.
    Especially as a school *girl*, the idea of a male headmaster hand
    tawsing isn’t anywhere near the leap of imagination that a bare bottom
    caning would be.
  • Intimacy:  When doing a hand tawsing scene, I see the person doing it through every moment of the scene.  I can see what he’s feeling — his both silent approval of my bravado and his pleasure at the knowledge I will eventually break.  I can meet his eyes, not in a mirror but face to face.  I can see my hands trembling, watch the strap rise and slash down.  It definitely creates a powerful connection. 
  • Bravery: Having to look the tawser in the eye and hold my hands
    up to be punished requires a level of bravado it’s really not possible
    to feel when I’m having my bottom punished, even in a caning scene. Since I know the top in the scene is generally looking
    for the pain reaction, I can try and withhold it for as long as
    possible. It feels very defiant at the same moment that holding my
    hands out is a submissive gesture acknowledging their authority and power over me. I feel rather heroic, especially
    when the scene is done in front of others. For me, there’s nothing
    humiliating about it.
  • Public: I don’t generally like doing bare bottom scenes in public — I’ve got all sorts of body image and modesty hang-ups. I do
    like doing hand tawsing ones. It feels like a performance. That the one
    in the photographs at the above link gave such pleasure to some of the English men
    at the party (especially Ian — The London Tanner who had made the
    strap HH used) was fun to know.
  • Physical: Okay, I know that there is more risk of lasting injury
    to having my hands tawsed then there is in having my bottom caned.
    However, one of the problems I suffer from is severe eczema. Sometimes
    my skin is so delicate there’s no way I can do heavy play on my bottom
    or legs — my skin is just too fragile. My palms, on the other hand,
    are able, literally, to take quite a beating without any damage beyond
    swelling and bruising.

For me, I’m not a masochist and I’m not into sensual spanking.
Spanking for me is purely CP in the sense that it’s about punishment —
either "real", roleplay, or punishments done as form play. Hand tawsing
isn’t somehow less erotic for me than spanking is given that I don’t
find being spanked erotic at the moment it’s done either. The memory of having been punished and how I
either broke or endured — that’s where the erotic element lies for me.

As to the risk — well, yes.  As stated above I know there’s a danger every time I do a hand strapping scene.  But I’ve risked my hands for things that give me pleasure / satisfaction in the past — in fact I’ve broken fingers playing volleyball and, when in high school and played competitively, bruised my hands black and purple.  I don’t have any musical talent — at worst my slow typing might become slower.  So far I’ve done about 5 heavy hand punishment scenes spread out over a period of at least 8 years.  It’s not something I want to do every weekend (a fortunate thing since my preferred tawser lives thousands of miles away) but the thrill of doing it every so often definitely makes it worth the risk.

17 thoughts on “Hand Punishments

  1. Mike

    As a Canadian of a certain age, I was brought up on hand strappings (a rubber and canvas strap that quickly breaks the offender down and then keeps him or her in that state while he/she continues to stare into the eyes of the strapper who has not yet decided it is over). It’s so very powerful in a punishment context. I have not strapped a girl’s hands since the passing, several years ago, of my spanking partner, and I miss it.

  2. Mija

    It’s definitely not a mainstream of the scene kink, but very powerful for those of us it works for. I do think that eye contact has a lot to do with it.
    I continue to mourn the loss of your partner — she was an amazing person.

  3. Mija

    Yes she did. And a brilliant wit, whatever side of it one fell on. Sometimes something happens and I still expect to find an email from her in my inbox.
    I feel lucky to have known her at all but still angry at the fates that cut her life too short. I can only imagine how much harder it’s been for her family and close friends.
    She was always a star.

  4. dave

    to each his own, of course, but I find everything related to this topic of ‘hand tawsing’ a complete and total turn-off. that’s just my opinion is all….

  5. Tawsemaker

    I loved your comments on hand strapping. Very rare to find a girl who can take it. From your description of your feeling, you could have had a Scottish education in a previous life.
    Many thanks

  6. Teri

    I have been caned severely in role play but my best fetish is hand strapping and I agree with looking at the man who is doing it is definitely a turn on for me but alas one day perhaps I will get a hand strapping school style it would hurt so bad but the achievement of taking it would surpass everything I have freamed of!

  7. QuinnCousins

    I received hand punishments across the palm in school back in the late 50s and early 60s, but it was with a heavy wooden ruler not a tawse or strap. It was usually one stroke or maybe two, absolutely four at most per hand, but each set your palm on fire and sent a jolt almost like an electric shock up your arm.
    I was fascinated with this even before my first punishment because of a story I read in “Jack and Jill Magazine” in the very late 50s. I remember that the heroine was a girl, maybe 11 or 12 years old, named CALIFORNIA DEAN, who got in trouble on the last day of school before summer and the teacher smacked her hand several times with the ruler. I specifically remember it said that she did not “flinch” until her hand “blistered with pain.”
    In mainstream movies, two versions of “Jane Eyre” show scenes at Lowood Institute of Helen Burns being punished with a hand-whipping by Miss Scatcherd, though in the novel Helen is actually switched across the back of her neck. The two hand-whippings occur in the 1996 version directed by Franco Zeffirelli and in the first episode of the 1983 television miniseries (with Colette Barker playing Helen).

  8. Jiffyboy5

    I enjoy a hard caning, mainly because this replicates how I had them at school, on reflection I had some very severe punishments for minor offences, on a few occasions the cane broke on landing on my palms, when this happens it does not hurt so much, I have to say despite many a hard caning on the hands, it has not caused any damage to bones etc.I like the sound of a hand caning, firstly the swish of a downward stroke,(many backside caners use this before a stroke is applied to put fear into the receiprent), and the slapping sound on impact. If any one wants to try this on me, I am up for the challenge. I am staying in Peterborough, but sometimes in Essex.

  9. Andrew Hardy

    Hi Gary,
    Saw your commentand wanted to reply.
    I,m a guy in my late fifties living in Tyneside where I went to school. Though the majority of teachers used the cane some used the belt.I was not very good at french and got the belt across the hands on numerous occassions. I have relived the experience a few times, recently in Inverness, but would love to try again.Hope you can help me.

  10. Nathan

    Hi Steve
    I am also into hand strapping and caning either give or take. I amnar Durham. Please get in touch if you would like to chat maybe meet up sometime


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