As I mentioned below, my spanking mojo is back.

That doesn’t just mean getting spanked for me.  It means an interest in all things spanking too.  The trigger that made me realize the interest was back?  Well, actually there were triggers, as in plural.

The first was when I got the first announcement / invite sent last month for the Shadow Lane 2007 Fall party.   After taking in, happily, that it didn’t fall on the same weekend as my brother’s wedding (whew!), reading it made me realize that there wasn’t going to be another spanking party (at least not for me) until then.

davo-with-whipI’m so excited when I think about SL.  I hope the time from now until then goes fast, though I’ve got a lot I want to do (like finish a draft of my dissertation) between now and then.  The party will be, almost to the day one month after my 40th birthday.  I really want to celebrate that birthday  — turning 40 means a lot of different things to me, something I’ll write about here another time.

The picture* to the left is Paul’s record of my first very happy adventure with a single tale, used expertly by Davo at the August SL 2006 party.  I was reminded of it by this post of Adele’s where she mentions that this is a favorite position.  I was pretty into the scene, but more for my ability to hold the position then the experience of being whipped over my jeans.  Mostly I was impressed that I got my legs up over my head.  By the time he finished I was so into the position that my feet were touching the pillow — thank you yoga!

The next was something I blogged about on PB.  Last month marked 10 years since I delurked on  That also makes it 10 years since I first started emailing with Paul.  These are really happy thoughts for me — the past 10 years have been wonderful.

Another was hearing from Bailey (who has her own site now — it’s pay but definitely worth a read) as she flew back from the Florida Moonshine Party.  When she first started talking, I realized I wasn’t just interested in hearing about her adventures and those of other friends like Niki (who also has a website / not blog now — which is free and ALSO definitely worth a look / read) — I wanted to hear about the spankings.  Fortunately the lovely Bailey told me about her adventures in a lot of detail, much of which was repeated in Niki’s post to her (not)blog — though with the blame spread in slightly different ways.  It made me wish I’d felt up to going and, of course, miss them all the more.

Getting spanked on Valentine’s Day, the first time since early December when I had surgery, was part of it too.  At the base, spanking for me is caught up in my relationship with Paul.  When we can have that element, the discipline, play and punishment of the scene, I feel more connected to him and the scene itself.

Mojo.  It  may not always be here, but while it is, I’m going to celebrate it!

*The picture gets larger if you click it.

4 thoughts on “Mojo?

  1. Gabriella

    wondering if I could ask a couple of questions about the SL parties? Your posts about the last 10 years and especially the one about flying hit home with me and I am thinking of going but wanted to touch base with someone who has been before. Thanks, Gabriella

  2. Mija

    But of course. You’ve got mail! 🙂
    If it’s okay with you, I’ll maybe use your questions as the basis for some posts on SL parties.

  3. Mija

    Thanks Sierra! 🙂
    I like the picture too. P took a bunch of shots of Davo using the single tail on me — but this one is cool because it caught the whip in mid swing. Good luck I think.
    Oddly, I was so focused on holding the position that I swear the single tale barely hurt — something that is so not usual for me.


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