Returning to Normal

This blog is going to be about kink for a while.  That’s where my head is at the moment and I’m pretty happy about it.  As the delightfully sweet Natty would say, after three months off, I’ve got my spanking mojo back. 

Yesterday on the PB, I wrote about how my life is heading back toward normal.  Or at least that we’re trying to push it there.  I’m going to try and log the month to see how it goes.  In some ways these entries probably belong on the PB, but I’d hate for that blog to become all about me.  Well, mostly I’d hate it. 

So how did the first day go? 

Not perfectly.  The day involved some financial stress which understandably (even in P’s opinion) kept me from being able to start immersing myself in my work.  So the two pages I’d planned to write yesterday got tabled until Saturday.  I don’t really like having to work on the weekends, but that was the deal we made and I plan to stick to it.  What I didn’t do was pretend to work for a few hours before giving up.  Instead I went into the study and talked to him about it.  That sounds so grown up!

I did, mostly, wear my uniform.

I did write to a friend I’ve falled out of touch with and apologize (the breaking of contact in this case was totally my fault).  Whatever happens there, I feel better for having done it rather than just feeling guilty about not doing it.

I did track my food / eating on Fitday.

I didn’t get to bed until 1:30 AM even though I’m supposed to be in bed by 11 on weekdays.  The stress of the day and heat definitely contributed to this later bedtime.   P was understanding about that too. 

I did get spanked at bedtime.  Unexpectedly spanked, it turns out.  One of the reasons I stayed up kind of late was in what turned out to be a mistaken belief that if I did, I wouldn’t get a bedtime spanking as P’s energy for such things tends to fade as the night goes on.  Plus he’d had a long and stress filled day too.  But no, he made time for the spanking. 

How was the spanking you ask?  It wasn’t hard and I didn’t cry.  But it did sting enough for me to put both of my hands back and cover my bottom.  Rather than pinning them in the small of my back, something he usually does, P asked me in a far too amused voice, how long I intended to stay like that.  The answer I felt like giving "a long long time" reminded me of holding your breath moment in Creep Show

As I curled up in bed, listening to BBC radio,  I was surprised that the soreness stopped being painful and instead became a warm glow.  I haven’t felt that in a long time.

Time to refill my coffee cup.

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