Gateway Drug

Recently in its member section, Shadow Lane had a scheduled "sexually explicit’ chat hosted by Eve Howard.  The chat was wide ranging in scope and great fun.

In the course of the discussion, the issue of anal play / temperature taking came up (as it would, of course).  As it was discussed, one of the members warned the group about "thermometers" being the equivalent of the "gateway drug" to the "slippery slope" of anal play. 

You know, as in, one minute your partner’s very gently inserting a small glass tube.  The next there’s a huge black plug  that’s come in the mail.  Players beware.

Several days later and I’m still giggling.  Clearly life just isn’t amusing enough.  😉

My thanks to Eve for a great chat!

8 thoughts on “Gateway Drug

  1. Mija

    Daddio: I highly recommend SL’s member section, less for the content (they give plenty of that away free) than for the chat rooms and board. I know places that are more active, but none that are as friendly.
    caitien: I KNOW! That’s one of the reasons it made me laugh so. Of course now it’s so sadly too late. I suppose the best we can hope for is to warn others.

  2. angrylittlegirl

    So is this an appropriate place to ask how one manages to get a plug to stay in during a spanking/corner time? Does it have to be THAT big??? Less k-y? Because I am having issues with this…

  3. Mija

    Natty: don’t tell, but that was Paul and my route too. But he’s definitely taken to it AND isn’t crawling-under-the-table embarrassed to talk about it. Oh the horror, the horror.
    angrylittlegirl: good to see you again. I can’t say I have a huge amount of experience with having to hold it in without it being pushed (Paul is kinda into control that way) but from another PB author who can identify herself should she wish to, I’ve heard there’s such a thing as a butt-plug harness. And, when at The Pleasure Chest, I saw an inflatable one. I think the trick is finding one that has a sort of narrow neck (what is that part called?) while the plug part is good sized.
    We’ve also used me wearing rather snug knickers, but that probably wouldn’t satisfy your partner.
    Less lube? That so doesn’t sound like a good time…

  4. angrylittlegirl

    I’m always amazed at how smart my current partner makes me- it turns out the secret to that is olive oil instead of k-y. That idea was like, tramsmitted to me by spanko aliens in my sleep or something.
    And it was also me who introduced anal play into the relationship, and I’m far too happy to be remotely ashamed 🙂

  5. dave

    on a side note, it does seem that temp-taking is quite prevalent among the spankophile crowd, which I think is pretty damn hot, in my opinion…
    ….hmm, I do wonder if a bottoms-up temp is more accurate ? seriously?
    keep up the great work on your blog!
    “the cherry red report”


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