Googling the Third Eye

So I was checking my stats and Google searches this morning (as you do) and noticed a couple of interesting hits:

  • tawse male hands – I’ve never seen male hands tawsed.  Only tawses in male hands.
  • hand tawsing Mija school girl – yeah, that probably would get you here.
  • spanking vice fiona – Ah, are you perhaps looking for Over the Knee by Fiona Locke?
  • Niki Flynn age – Goodness!  I can’t help you there other than to say "a lot younger than me!"

And the one that filled my heart with the most joy, mean thing that I am:

  • katie spades punishment scam – Yeah.  I’m less angry today though.  After all, she’s young and karma’s a bitch.

However you got here, glad to see you.

4 thoughts on “Googling the Third Eye

  1. Mija

    It’s a good point. Personally I get scared of her younger selves. Must be my pedophobic tendencies. Or the memory that the cruelest demographic is 12 year old girls.

  2. Mike

    Now of course some of us will find funny things to put into Google that will nonetheless take us here. Just in case you see them and have a giggle.

  3. Mike

    My male hands have been tawsed quite a few times, always past the point where can be stoic. I once asked my disciplinarian if we could play what I called the “strapping game.” I would give her 6 on each; she would give me 6 on each; I, she, I, she… until one of us surrendered. Then, the loser would receive a final 6 on each to completely conquer them. But she declined and then strapped the tears right out of me. I guess it was a lesson to not gamble…


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