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Over on ASS I’ve noticed Todd and Suzy writing about making summer spanking plans.   It’s made me wonder a bit about my own.  In years past, especially before Paul was able to move to the US, I got to spend some very fun summers in Edinburgh, London and the north east of England. Over the years I came to associate summer with trips to the UK and now I really miss getting to go and see my friends there. I even priced it out a bit the other day –or tried rather– and was a bit boggled by the cost of tickets alone. Sometimes it’s easy to look back now and wonder how I ever afforded it in terms of either time or money. 

Of course the simple answer is that I worked at a job during the academic year that provided housing as part of my compensation.  Since I didn’t need to pay rent, I could save a good chunk of each stipend check.  Add to that a kinder gentler exchange rate and I was able to afford some great summers away from the US. 

This summer I’m working.  I’ll be working on my dissertation, working at my university job (in fact I’ve logged about 50 extra hours there so far this month), helping my parents move back to Los Angeles from Portland, helping with preparation for my brother’s wedding and generally (probably anyway) not doing any extra traveling until the Shadow Lane party in Vegas in August (though if I can somehow squeeze in a trip to Denver for Thunder in the Mountains, that would be very exciting).

I’ve also volunteered to run this year’s short story contest on soc.sexuality.spanking.  Even though doing it is going to take a lot of time which would be better spent on my research, I’m really excited about doing it.  It’s the 14th contest, the 13th anniversary, happening the year of the 10th anniversary of the group’s creation / migration from the alt* to the soc* hierarchy.  (This was a big deal as it was the first time an* group moved into the Usenet big 8.)  I’m going to try a few new things with this year’s contest, including having a theme to design both the contest and archive website around.  My sister, who’s an artist, is going to try and do some themed drawings to use as background to add a bit of visual interest.  We’ll see how it goes.

In keeping with the thread below on having versus not having children, one of the things I’ve realized in the past few years is Paul and my choice not to have children has given us the freedom to be pretty out with the spanking fetish without needing to worry about how it could affect our family.  This is fun on one level but has also meant we can be comfortable doing things for the spanking / fetish community that other people don’t feel able to do.  Example?  We host the domain and filtering software that make the newsgroup possible despite the fact the group has no content moderation (this means stories involving children — even those involving sex and children.  I’m not sure we could afford the risk of doing so if we either had kids or either of us worked with them. 

It’s not unselfish –the newsgroup has given me a huge amount over years– Paul and I met there, I’ve made my closest scene friends and it’s given me an outlet (and even validation) for every kinky scene I’ve ever been able to imagine writing.  But I do love that I can help it be there for others too. 

More on the SSC as events develop!

5 thoughts on “Summer Plans

  1. Mija

    I know. I feel the same way. But with the lowest airfare at $1000 and an exchange rate of $2 to the pound, I just can’t see how we / I could do it. At that rate I couldn’t even afford to keep myself in coffee! :*(

  2. Rob

    Mija: I was thinking about the kids/no kids post reading this too. One thing about kids is they reach a stage when travelling with their parents is their idea of a nightmare. Unless your destination is a beach or a snowfield they’ll happily take you to the airport and wave you goodbye. Lovely.

  3. Todd & Suzy

    Understand what you mean about how carefree summer use to be. We both loved to jump in the car in the summer, and take a drive. A 4 or 6 week drive. Just checking out the sights… finding fun on the compass. Now, with the responsibilities we have… we think in terms of weekends, and a rare week here or there. The idea is to GET THERE, asap! What summer means and feels like has totally changed.
    That’s one of the reasons we decided to do the summer series. With time and money what it is, we just have to plan the fun out. No more just jumping in the car and going. As such, we want to make sure we plan at least a part of our summer fun around some sort of spanking activity.
    Looking forward to your sisters drawings this year, btw. That’s a great idea!
    ~T & S

  4. Mija

    Rob: I’m not sure I ever reached that point with my parents. But then we tended to have pretty good holidays. And, of course, I’ve always loved summer.
    T & S: yeah, I’m not sure why, but Paul and I seem to work harder yet have less money than ever. Something must be a bit off somewhere… too much schooling I suspect. Your series is delightful.
    I’m looking forward to her drawings too. They’re promised by next weekend. We’ll see…


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