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O to be in England…

…and a terrorist.  Apparently there have been new orders made by Home Secretary John Reid.  Reports at are that

A total of six individuals are now known to have gone missing while under control orders, which impose a loose form of house arrest on those suspected of involvement with international terrorism.

The home Secretary has issued the next level of control punishment for these ne’re do wells who obviously don’t respond to being told to stay indoors. "I have been left no choice but issue a severe spanking order on these up to no gooders" said Mr. Reid.

The public have been asked to keep an eye out for these men as there aren’t enough policemen to do so, but under no circumstances are they to administer the spanking themselves, any flagellation required, will be carried out under strict police supervision.

Well that’s a relief.  I was wondering how British citizens would cope, what with Abel being out of the country and all.

Home arrest and / or flagellation by the police.  Either way, it beats being held for years on a base in Cuba. 

Congratulations Fiona!

My lovely friend, Fiona Locke, found out this past week that her book Over the Knee, first printed in Fall of 2006, has sold out its original 9000 copies and is being reprinted!

over-the-kneeAs I mentioned above and in this Punishment Book entry, Fiona is a friend.  But even if I didn’t know her, I would love this book.  Reading the story of Angie, the book’s heroine and her adventures took me back to my bookstore haunting memories of college when I bought all kinds of books (mostly Blue Moon) on dominance and submission in the hope of finding spanking scenes.   My favorite of these  is / was  a collection of short stories called  The Reckoning.  Had  Fiona’s book existed then, it would have become my favorite.

This isn’t intended as a book review, but Fiona’s book isn’t about dominance and submission (not that they aren’t fun to read about too) but rather it’s about corporal punishment — spanking for role play and “real” and a blurring of the two.  In short, it’s all about my kink.

The book also represents a for fun labor of love between Fiona and her readers.  The white-pantied bottom on the cover of the book is her own, the headless spanker is her real-life partner.  (I have it on authority from the photographer than much spanking was needed for the color to look right in the picture.) Not to give something away here (okay, I’m going to give something away, but I have permission) but in the course of the novel, a website called English Vice gets mentioned.  The fictional site is all about spanking outdoors, frequently in famous places.  Here’s a situation where fact and fiction merge because Fiona and her partner registered the domain and created the site.

hollywood-signAnd so here’s my contribution to Fiona’s venture.  Paul took a picture of me getting spanked with a red leather Shadow Lane paddle by a friend underneath the Hollywood Sign (because what location in Los Angeles could be more iconic?) and its posted there (yes, I’m Luna).  It’s not a great picture — we literally only had a minute to get the pictures snapped.  The hike up had taken longer than we expected and the light was going — plus there were joggers coming by every few minutes.  But still, there they are.

Note that the picture is also rather humorous from a perspective issue.  The woman spanking me is basically the same height as me, but looks like a hobbit (or I look like an amazon).  The angle of the camera was apparently just right to create a rather funny shot.

The photos of me aside, the pictures on the site are great fun.  I especially like the rather spooky White Sands shots.