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SL Weekend Post 1: Packing It In

So I’m packed for Shadow Lane (well for the moment) and waiting for Pablo to get back here with the rental car (it’s not a good idea to take a 10+ year old car through the desert in high summer).  Our goal is to get on the road by 10:00 AM and (maybe) meet up with PB (punishment book) friends Chris & sparkle and M and Iris in Baker at (where else?) Bunboy. We’ll see how it goes. 

My first question is how people who fly to Shadow Lane cope? Seriously, I know how to pack for a summer or winter  spending months in the UK, but 5 days of spanking party has me completely thrown every year.  I’ve got: 

  • A giant roll-ly bag full of clothes, including three dresses (basically all of them I own sans wedding dress).  I’m not sure which I’m wearing Saturday yet — one is dressy but boring.  The other is cute but I wore it last year (what if someone remembers — o the horror!) and the last I really love but it’s much more casual — really more right for the vendor fair.
  • A duffle bag full of school unform stuff (see below).
  • A bag of workout clothes and my computer and charger (though at $12 a night extra per computer, I’m not sure how much online time we’re looking at here).
  • A box with my blender and protein powder and (what every school girl needs) a can of spray starch.
  • An ice chest waiting to be filled with goodies.
  • My mobile phone with everyone’s number so I can text them when I get in.

Which leaves another problem.  What to wear tonight?  Normally I wear jeans to the Friday night fair for two reasons.  First, I like wearing jeans.  Second, they don’t get taken down — people tend to be happy to try stuff out over them.  So I’ve packed jeans.  However this year I’ve also got this really cute dress I bought yesterday….

Why so many clothes you ask?  Well, one bag is full of school uniform stuff.  It’s bulky and takes up space.  I won’t be wearing it to the larger ballroom parties, nor (probably anyway) the room parties, but there are plans afoot to do some role play and so I need uniforms. And then there are the multiple clothing changes that make up an average play weekend.  There’s stuff for by the pool.  Stuff for going out to eat in.  Stuff for the room parties (suites get ungodly hot). Cute pjs.  Cute panties.  Presents for friends.  It all adds up.  I’d take a picture of the luggage, but honestly I have no idea where the camera’s got to.

Anyway, I’m hoping Pablo get home soon.  We need a stop at the store on our way out of town.  And I want to get going.  Kate’s been there days already (no doubt winning hearts and minds), Bailey’s at Vegas airport by now, Niki and HH are on their way.  The best part of SL (for me anyway) isn’t the chance to play.  It is getting to see friends from far off.  I wish we were already there. 

Yeah, Shadow Lane weekend Labor Day 2007.  My 9th.  I’m blogging this.  😉

Shadow Lane!!


Yes, I know it’s been quiet here for a while.  My dad’s been staying with Pablo and me and that’s definitely cut into our kink selves.  Plus my brother is getting married in less than two weeks in a wedding involving hundreds of friends and family members.  Exciting, but definitely taking my energy just now.

Oh and I’m doing the SSC.  More on that later. 

Anyway, this is just part of an attempt by me to get to know who’s going to the party.  If you’re going and you want to, leave a comment here or drop me a line at mijita (at) thetreehouse (dot) net. 

And if you have party questions, let me know and I’ll try and answer them.  This will be my 8th (or maybe 9th) party so who knows, maybe I have sage advice!