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Well, I’m back after almost a month spent in Portland with my family.  It was an amazing experience I hope to write about later, but I want to thank everyone who posted and emailed their thoughts and prayers.  Knowing you were thinking about this and took time to say so meant a huge amount to me and my family.  I miss her and, as some of you expressed, am sure that I will forever.

I just posted this on the PB — it’s an invitation to lurkers on that blog to come out and post a comment.  As much as it’s completely true that all of us who write for the PB want to hear from our readers, I’m even more interested in those of you who read here.  This is a strangely personal blog for me — sometimes academic, often times kinky, sometimes political.  That it goes quiet here too often is partly a reflection of good intentions gone awry, but also a concern about shocking or boring those of you who come here for one thing with having you find something quite different than you expect.  Except that I can’t imagine keeping up with posting on 4 or 5 blogs, there’s certainly something to be said for the more single focused blog approach!

Anyway, this is to say that I love all of you who read here.  Whether you’ve found me via the Daily Kos or one of my too kind blogging friends, are an old friend from ASS/SSS, googled hand strapping or tawsing, chicana feminism or however else you may have landed here, thank you.

And feel free to leave a comment.  On PB I left my favorite book (Pride and Prejudice) which has been a life-long pleasure but here I’m going to leave my favorite song, something which changes often.  This week it’s  "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter. 

Many thanks to the amazing Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts for organizing Love Our Lurkers day!   

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    I do not think I have commented here before, can’t think why, I have been coming here since I found this blog in Febuary. So this is an official de-lurk comment. LOve your quality word smithery.

  2. luna

    Hi! I read here all the time, it’s in my feed reader for favorite blogs. Now, even though you write sporadically there’s always something interesting when you do!

  3. Angie

    Not a lurker but … the hyperlink in your text to our site doesn’t work, hon. LOL You typed .net — I think we’re .org, no?
    And my current favorite song is “His Love’s Like Rain” by Julie Roberts … I won’t go in to why just now. 😉

  4. Bonnie

    Hi Mija!
    My song of the day is Diamonds by Los Lonely Boys.
    I’m delighted that you were able to join us for LOL Friday. It’s been a whole lot of fun.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Natty

    Heya — I lurk far too often here and poke my head up at silly times but I like that your blog isn’t just kink. That it’s academic and political and emotional. I mean, that’s you. And that’s why I love you and this blog. 🙂

  6. Todd & Suzy

    Said hello over at PB… and we read here too. Enjoy your blog. It is a mixed bag, but always interesting. Takes us a few extra steps to comment, so we don’t as often as we should. lol… pretty lazy, huh?
    ~Todd & Suzy

  7. Rose

    Hi Mija! I’m a bit late for LOL Day, but I’m doing my best to catch up quickly! I’m glad you’re back… I’ve been praying for you.
    I found your blog through The Punishment Book, probably a couple of years ago now. You were actually one of the first spankos that I felt a “connection” to when I first ventured out into online spanko-land as a pure lurker. I felt like I had something in common with you… I met my hubby online and had to spend a few years maintaining a long distance relationship, I’m a grad student in literature, and of course, I’m a huge spanko… So, a lot of the things that you write about, I found myself relating to particularly well.
    So, thank you for your lovely blog… I keep thinking about starting a blog myself, but unfortunately my life is terribly mundane, and I can’t imagine my blog would be all that interesting to anyone.
    I hope that my husband and I are able to attend the next Shadowlane party, because I would love to be able to meet you and Pablo (and several others). Please keep blogging. I love reading it, whether you post about spanking, literature, politics, whatever!

  8. LynLass

    I’m also a late de-lurker, I don’t think I’ve commented here before. I’ve been reading you for a couple of months, found you through the s.s.s. connection. Just started a new position, so will most likely be reading but not posting much. I’ve even been neglecting my own blog. But I do like your mix here, don’t worry about what you post, I’ve yet to find one that isn’t interesting.

  9. hermione

    I visit quite often too, but like Todd and Suzy, I am lazy about commenting. Maybe I need a spanking?

  10. Indiana

    Hi Mija,
    I’m joining the late-for-Love-Our-Lurkers-Day crowd, but I figure as long as this post is at the top of the blog, I’m not too late. 🙂
    I’ve been a lurker for the last few months or so, and have recently even gone back to read the whole blog from the beginning. (My first attempt was foiled by my inability to re-live the last presidential election, but I made it through this time!). Anyway, I’ve only been reading kink stories and blogs for a little over a year. I think the most comforting thing about the experience is the number of spanking bloggers and story writers who are smart, genuine, interesting and kind people (not necessarily in that order). It makes it much easier to examine things about myself that I was always afraid to think about (and I’m your age).
    I really like it that your blog goes beyond kink. Although I, um, enjoy, a hot story as much as the next person, the people behind the blogs are generally what keeps bringing me back. Of course, truly excellent writing like yours (please tell Pablo that spelling is overrated) helps a lot, too. Sorry I missed the earlier entries the first time around– I would have enjoyed debating about how to deal with the red state/blue state divide, among other things. Of course, reading it all at once makes me realize that nowhere else could I get good kink, literary, and cookbook recommendations in the same blog! Not to mention good political insight for a person who could only stand to watch the Republican debates through the eyes of Jon Stewart…
    Anyway, thanks for sharing yourself here and on PB. You, Bonnie, Haron, and Dyke Grrl are my favorites.
    Finally, I’m very sorry about your grandmother. Your earlier posts about her, when she was still healthy and full of fire, brought tears to my eyes. I had a grandma a bit like her in many ways and still feel incredibly lucky to have had her in my life (and on the planet, really) even though she’s been gone for more than two decades.
    Peace and best wishes,


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