I voted! Hopefully you did too.

voted-for-obamaHow did I vote? Over a longish period of time while sitting outside Coffee Bean (it was a long mail-in ballot that I carried in in person because I wanted to watch it go into the machine).

Among other things,I voted for Obama (I voted for him in the primary too).  I wish I could find the words to express the emotions that washed over me as I marked my ballot. Maybe later I’ll be able to express it.
Finally, but not in passing, I voted NO on Prop. 4  and No on Prop. 8.  I generally vote “no” on propositions on principle, but I feel very very strongly about the NO vote I cast on Prop. 8.  So much so, I don’t think I could even have a civil conversation with someone who voted “yes.”   The idea of people voting to take civil rights away from other people is obscene and shouldn’t even be legal.  If Obama wins tonight but Prop. 8 passes, I’m afraid my celebration will be bittersweet.
Anyway, hope you got your sticker!

4 thoughts on “I voted! Hopefully you did too.

  1. sparkle

    Obama/Biden, no on 8, no on 4, no on a lot of others, too. 🙂
    It looks like we’re not going to know about Prop 8 until tomorrow, at least. It was always going to be close, let’s hope the precincts that are not yet reported are the ones on the blue coastline.

  2. Jigsaw Analogy

    I voted yesterday morning, bright and early. Or at least early. (And at 6:30 AM there was a one hour line for the polls! And it’s not like there was much doubt about who was going to win our district, and there weren’t many other races on the ballot.)
    As for Proposition 8… I’m feeling rather sick that people are willing to amend their state constitutions in order to take rights away from others.
    Bittersweet, yeah. But the American people elected not just a black man, but an intellectual and a community organizer. I’m feeling at least a little hope today. 🙂


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