Not a Party Report

clive-owenLast summer I wrote a sort of short story about a furniture fantasy involving an ad for a Chesterfield sofa.  Recently Casey Morgan blogged about the attractiveness of said leather furniture under a blog entry called When Furniture Is Hot.

So last night as I was surfing a bit and thinking about bedtime I found this picture.  Have I mentioned I’ve got a thing for Clive Owen? Oh, I suspect I have, even without his having given an on-screen spanking in Shoot ‘Em Up.
Yes, okClive Owen is smoking in this picture, which generally does spoil spanking fantasies for me, but I’m willing to be flexible.
Btw, when I finally get back to the rest of the party reports, I’ll be able to tell of a conversation about Clive Owen spanking the lovely Amy Hunter.
Clive, if you’re reading, Amy says it would be okay with her.   Just send her an email.

7 thoughts on “Not a Party Report

  1. Casey Morgan

    hot pic! not sure what I want to do with him, or have done by him, but the clothes, the look, the furniture, and the accent I can all but hear – actually, now that I look at it again, there’s something almost prefectorial about him: “You, boy, come over here and let’s see if we can’t find some way to improve that attitude of yours…”

  2. Amy Hunter

    *wibble* Best picture I’ve seen all week!! Thankyou!!
    He could have it any way he wanted… 😉 xxx

  3. Indy

    Oh, my, what a great photo that is. I think it would be better without the cigarette, too, but I’d breathe second-hand smoke to be spanked by him…

  4. Mija

    Casey D. Morgan: He’s pretty amazing. Tall, dark good looks, green eyes, accent, yowsers. I think he’s getting better looking as he gets older too.
    Amy: “wibble” is a good word. How could any man refuse an offer like that from you? Do let us know when he gets in touch.
    Indy: maybe that’ll be my new test of true lust — would I breathe second hand smoke for him? Honestly, I’d probably even light up myself if that’s what the scene required. That’s just how Very Bad I am.

  5. Mija

    Wonderful site, Mark. Thanks for the link to these sexy sofas. Any details on how you discovered the “nice”ness of the height?
    I note they have free delivery throughout Europe and the UK (if one spends 3000 pounds). I wonder what the cost would be to get one to California. (Found it. About $1000.)
    The fact I know this and am still looking is frightening me.

  6. carolinegrey

    Wibble indeed. I am late to the Clive Owen party. I missed “Closer” because of my unfortunate Julia Roberts allergy (and in spite of my Natalie Portman addiction) but I am thinking now that I must have to be brave and revisit the film. I caught “Inside Man” on tv the other day and remembered how much I relished our hero in “Gosford Park”. Mmmm, angry illegitimate valet…
    I know it’s backwards and wrong, but I kinda like the cigarette and second Casey about the prefectorial aspect. He’s like a grown up version of one of the evil boys from Lowewood.


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