Shadow Lane ’09: Entry 1 – Housekeeping

st-paddles-dayThe workday is over, I’m home and it’s time to start getting ready for the Shadow Lane party.

First things first, as mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I’m going to try and Twitter from Vegas.  It can’t turn out any worse than my attempts to write party posts have.  The thing is, I can send tweets from my phone, but I won’t be able to see replies until I can go on-line — my phone is too primitive to receive tweets so unless I can figure something else out (unlikely) there won’t be much back and forth.  If you unaccountably want to read these entries (likely to be very banal), they’re in the right sidebar of this blog and also on my twitter page.

On the technical side of this blog, I’ve tried to go through my sidebar links and update them, removing the broken ones (so sad!) and updating people who’ve moved.  If I’ve missed your blog’s new home, please let me know.  The page layout is looking quite cluttered right now.  I wanted to add the date to the entries, but can’t seem to make it show up on the bottom next to the time (which would be sensible) so it’s there cluttering up the top.  There’s also now links at the top for “home,” “archives,” and “subscribe.”  The last of these will hook you up to the blog’s RSS feed.

[An aside: while researching Twitter today, I discovered that Stephen Fry, Alan Davis and Neil Gaiman  seem to “tweet” compulsively throughout their days.  While I’m not surprised, it’s definitely fascinating.  A whole world of time-wasting activity seems to have opened up for me.]

All the waxing I needed (basically everything) including the Brazilian Full Monty was done at my much beloved Queen Bee on Tuesday.  Hair is as good as it’s going to be.  I’ve given up on my nails — had some thought of a pedicure tonight earlier today, but I can’t stand the thought of going out tonight after being out today.  Same deal with shopping — whatever may be in my closet is going to have to do.

And now to pack — one of the hardest parts of any scene party, made easier by the fact that we drive so there’s no need to worry about fitting everything into the suitcase.  Even so, as I’ve said before, 4 days in Vegas for Shadow Lane seems way more complicated than a summer in Britain.  I just have to keep reminding myself that they do have stores in Las Vegas if I find I really need something.

(more will be added to this tonight as events warrant.)

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