The Missing Tweets

During the drive to Vegas, I tried to Twitter the trip from my phone.  Sadly the tweets didn't show up. They're hardly little epics, but I hate it to seem like I didn't try, so here they are.  

On the road at last.  We're listening to Flanders & Swann and driving east on the 60. I suck at text twittering.

We just passed a sign for Barstow.

Houses in Victorville are selling for 99K. We are halfway there. Musing as to what other cars are heading to shadow lane.

Too late to stop for lunch, too early to stop for dinner.  Pit stop in Baker (worlds tallest thermometer), onward to Vegas.

Crossing into Nevada as I twit.  Texts are getting to Niki's phone – hoping to have dinner before the vendor faire.

Made it to Vegas. Traffic is backed up at the exit.

And so now you know.  

Back to Pablo and Bridget on the bed.  

2 thoughts on “The Missing Tweets

  1. Casey Morgan

    I love Flanders and Swann! M and I used to listen to them a lot, esp. in the car. Sometimes, I can’t anymore. I think my favorite of all time is Slow Train – the perfect, painful gentle nostalgia for the England of my mind…

  2. Mija

    Sorry it took so long to reply — for some reason doing stuff like replying or blogging was tough on the hotel ‘net connection.
    I love F&S too and am glad their albums are out as a CD collection. I can’t help wonder why they’re not better known. Like you, I love “Slow Train” — though it is quite sad — but I think my favorite song is “In the Bath.” P always says they seem to harken to an England of a more innocent age. That age could be real or imagined I suppose.
    I’ll try and dig out some F&S you tubes. 🙂
    “The English, the English, the English are best,
    So up with the English and down with the rest.”


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