That Fiona Chick.

There's been a great deal of discussion around and about the net  (see these two1, 2) by the lovely Zille Defeu) over the identity of author Fiona Locke.  I got sucked into it myself on Twitter, but didn't blog mainly due to shear laziness coupled with being at my parents place for a few weeks.  The rumor I put out, that Fiona is really Sarah Palin, wasn't believed, mostly due to the general literacy of Over the Knee and On the Bare

So who is Fiona?  As some of you have already guessed Fiona is the alter ego of someone well-known.  Despite having put her backside on the covers of books, she's been private and avoided any signings or public appearances.  The same cannot be said about her other self.  

As of today, Fiona Locke is claiming to be Niki Flynn.  Is she indeed Niki?  Once upon a time, when I first met Fiona, being Niki Flynn would have been a major ambition.  Since I know them both and Paul did their websites, I do know whether or not this claim of Ms. Locke  is true or yet another Fiona flight of fantasy.  

I should say… 

…but I  won't.

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