Mad4Plaid OR 9/22, the First Day of Fall

plaid-skirtsBorn on Twitter, thanks to tweets between the delightful Eliane and me, tomorrow being the first day of Fall (in the Northern Hemisphere) is hereby declared “Mad For Plaid Day.”  You can participate by spreading the word and, most importantly, wearing either a plaid skirt or kilt.  Modest or slutty, uniform or vanilla, all plaids are welcome.

You can follow the fun here or on Twitter.  Just let me know what you’re doing and how you’re celebrating and I’ll add links.  Pictures are always welcome.

Do come and play.

Players thus far:

  • Zille: who claims there will be picture
  • Kate:is  wearing her skirt to and from classes.  What a good girl!
  • Elaine : says she is changing after work as her kilt is too short (naughty girl!)
  • Mystery Minx: always the rebel, says she’ll wear a non-plaid games kilt.
  • Bridget: so in tune with the beginning of Fall, she wore a plaid jumper without even knowing.
  • Sandy: also wore plaid without meaning to and claims famous spanking model Rad is wearing a plaid bow.  (I know I’m not alone in wanting pictures of that.)
  • Chris claims he can “motivate” his lovely Serenity into a plaid skirt.  We’ll have to see.  (Okay, we want to see)
  • Casey D. Morgan didn’t go out in her skirt, but very sweetly changed into one and took a picture.  Such a game girl!

[This blog entry is evolving.]

8 thoughts on “Mad4Plaid OR 9/22, the First Day of Fall

  1. Eliane

    Will be wearing my kilt this evening, but realised that it was WAY TOO SHORT for me not to get sacked if I wore it to work.
    And if I’m REALLY brave, I might even take a photo of me in it!

  2. bridget

    Wow! I must be psychic – I am wearing a plaid jumper (although it is boring plaid) today and I didn’t even know about this until well, just now! How exciting! I love to be in the “in” crowd.

  3. Mija

    Ooo, lookie, more comments!
    Eliane: Changing for evening definitely counts. So long as there is wearing of plaid offered to the Fall gods.
    Bridget: Obviously this speaks to the supernatural level of our connection. And I know that jumper — not at all boring!


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