Breakfast Conversation

huckleberryA snatch of conversation from over Sunday breakfast at Huckleberry’s (butternut squash with bacon and eggs for me, duck hash with eggs for Paul):

Paul: I have The Thick of It and Have I Got News.

Me: Ooo.  Very cool.  When can we watch?

Paul: Tonight if you’re good.

Me: I’m always good.

Paul: {No words, but a direct stare.}

Me: {sadly} I’m not always good.

I took the picture of baked goods with my phone as we stood in line waiting to order, it gets bigger if you click it.  Trust me, they look better in person.  Huckleberry’s sweets counter rocks.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast Conversation

  1. Mija

    You’re right. The baked goods at Huckleberry are amazing. The best (aside from homemade) I’ve ever had. And better than most homemade at that.

  2. Orage

    Hi Mija!
    My first visit here, thanks to the link in FC.
    “Janice a dit”, “Mija a écrit en réponse à Janice”: why in French?

  3. Mija

    Hi Orage,
    I’m glad you made it over from FC!
    As to the French, I have no idea why you’re seeing French as mine shows up in English. Maybe my blog’s bored and thought you’d understand French? Curious, and a bit romantic.


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