A cozy little space

The Christmas holidays ended with much merriness, fun and mess.  Specifically, our apartment was a mess and I had to head back to school and work.  My plan to clean and put everything Christmas away the weekend before was foiled when the cold (the one everyone else had already caught) laid me low.

I panicked a bit. Not about the mess (though that does make me anxious) but because my first calligraphy course was meeting Monday and on Saturday I was too sick to do much more than move between the bed and sofa.

cozy-spaceWith much urging from Paul, I stayed in bed, slept and created piles of tissue trash. On Sunday, before going to bed at 8PM, I put together a little box of calligraphy supplies.  By Monday, after taking a good dose of drugs and I felt well enough to head out to class.  As I wrote last week, the class was wonderful and I came back filled with energy for my new work.

But where to work?

I did my first practice at the kitchen table, but it was clear even then that this was not a good space.  The light is great in the daytime, but the windows are cold and drafty and the light at night is terrible.  The fact was I’d made a little calligraphy space in the corner of our bedroom two years ago . Unfortunately it had become a messy stack of discarded clothing, books and papers.  I cleared it up the best I could, only to realize that my small desk (a repurposed $20 dressing table from Out of the Closet) couldn’t contain all my supplies and there was no space for any calligraphy books.

Inspired by the having purchased numerous online Christmas presents, I ordered a bookcase from Overstock.com ($1 delivery charge!) and waited impatiently –Overstock is not as fast as Amazon) for it to arrive.  It did and I assembled it (with some help from Paul) this past weekend and filled it with my calligraphy books and supplies (and an American Girl doll named Mariana). The bookcase definitely made the space. Paul declared it “a cozy corner” while a friend (after seeing the picture on Twitter) referred to it as my “studio.” (A calligraphy studio of my own — I love it!)

Having all my materials in one space has made it much easier to settle down and practice in the evenings. I’m not sure there’s much improvement yet.  You can judge for yourself by following pictures of practice sheets.  They’re here and in the album over in the right sidebar. They’re not the only work I’m doing, just the best sheet each day. My plan is to work through all of the lines of the Gashlycrumb Tinies as the poem seems appropriately gothic, though of course what I’ve done and am doing isn’t a patch on Edward Gorey’s gorgeous and distinctive lettering style.

There was no class this week due to the MLK holiday, but I’m looking forward to Monday.  How often do you hear that?

4 thoughts on “A cozy little space

  1. Casey Morgan

    I’m so happy for you that you have this – the awesomest cozy little space, and the class. I think, sometimes, it’s easy to underestimate things like this in bringing meaning, satisfaction, and an open kind of comfort to life.

  2. Dave

    Love hearing about your calligraphy and your work is very beautiful. My Mom used to do calligraphy all the time, and it was so peaceful watching her–hoping she will get back into it the way you are now 🙂

  3. Mija

    You’re so right. The amount of pleasure and comfort I get from lettering is hard to even explain. Part of it relates to something you wrote about recently — the idea of playing by myself as a means of really being in touch with an inner me.
    The only thing I think I need for further comfort is a space heater for under the little desk.

  4. Mija

    Thank you so much Dave — you’re very flattering. 🙂 It is very peaceful in a disciplined and exacting sort of way.
    I’m glad you have such happy associations with the craft and hope your mom finds her way back to it too.


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