Before I go to San Francisco – working on my final project.

For those of you who have been following my calligraphy course, I’m down to my last class.  I’m working as best I can on my final project, trying to get as much done as possible before we go to San Francisco for SF-CP (the spanking party Zille’s organizing) for the weekend.  And yes, I’m excited about the party too.

While Paul and I have been to Shadow Lane a (big) number of times and I’ve been to a few other smaller parties, this will be the first time we’ve attended a single night party together.  I’m really curious about how the SF scene will react to a party devoted to corporal punishment.  Well would be my guess.  At least I have lots of options of what to wear.

Plus there’s a weekend in San Francisco and a chance to see some of my favorite peoples.  Very cool!

The image above is the final mock-up on cardboard of the project done with pen, ink and colored pencils.

For more images of the work in progress, see this entry (1)  and this one (2).

4 thoughts on “Before I go to San Francisco – working on my final project.

  1. Emma Jane

    This is really great. Gives me lovely hot fantasies of having to do it while being supervised. I’d totally crack under pressure!
    Have a great time at the party 🙂


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