O how I pity me!

The Story of Little Miss Scabby.

Okay, the title is a pretty good summary of where I’m going with this.  The second half of May, despite a lovely visit from a friend, has sucked and involved the bad sort of physical discomfort.

What’s happened?  First, I had to have a root canal (which would suck enough) only to have them get halfway through (that is, get to the point where they were poking at the nerve or whatever it is dentists do) and discover the tooth in question had a crack in it and needed to be extracted.  Then, just as my mouth was starting to heal, I woke up covered in red hives. The assumption was that I was having one of my allergic reactions to pain meds and so had a trip to emergency for steroids.  But no, Tuesday I find out it’s possibly shingles — which while I’m feeling pretty old lately, I’m still 20 years too young to be getting.  Except I have the marks all over so it’s even more likely, given that I was exposed to shingles a few weeks ago, I’ve got chicken pox.  Again.

Yes, you read that right.  I’ve caught them again.  Assuming this is chicken pox all over my face, neck, chest and shoulders (which is what my Dr. Mom thinks), it’ll mark the sixth time in my life I’ve had it.  Four times as a child, once in my 20s and now again in my 40s.  I’ve never been able to develop immunity to childhood illnesses and tend to catch them whenever I’m exposed (which is why you see me react with horror when I hear of children not being vaccinated — I’m not just worried about them, but also me).

The only positives, if there are any, is that first, everyone I work with is apparently immune so I don’t need to miss three weeks of work in order to heal up (since I get paid by the hour in the summer, missing 60 hours of work would add poverty to the general suckage) and I’ve had eczema for so many years now that the chicken pox really doesn’t feel that bad.  Certainly not as bad anyway. What it is is unsightly, itchy and, well scabby.

6 thoughts on “O how I pity me!

  1. bridget

    Ahhh I figured out the trick to getting your blog to let me post. It was avoiding me, but I outsmarted it.
    I’m really sorry you’re going through this! I also tend to catch “childhood” diseases that you’re meant to be immune to after one go round. My downfall seems to be hand foot and mouth disease, which also causes a nasty rash though the course tends to be shorter.
    I hope you feel better soon! Lots of love to you.

  2. dykegrrl

    I’d send health vibes, but I’m pretty sure that the health gods have it in for me and would answer by giving you some evil new twist. So I’ll send some sympathy instead. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Jen

    I think that because I had a cold at a week old, and then the measles at some point as a baby, my immune system is the opposite of yours. Not that I never get sick, I used to get bronchitis every spring going into summer, and I had bronchitis borderline pneumonia when I was sixteen that penicillin didn’t even TOUCH (though it totally got rid of the plantar’s warts that were making walking impossible, and they never came back). I used to get the flu as a kid, but now I get flu shots now because I hate getting that kind of sick. The bout of chicken pox I had when I was seven didn’t even keep me in bed, just out of school.
    I do sympathize with you though, because I hate being sick, and I can’t imagine getting the chicken pox that many times. Hope you get over the itchiness fast! Have you tried Calamine lotion?

  4. carolinegrey

    Ugh! You poor chicken. That’s just miserable. I caught Chicken Pox late and very seriously–I was about 14, and it’s one of the worst memories I have. I can’t imagine going through that again!

  5. Indy

    Oh, poor Mija, this sounds totally dreadful. 🙁
    Nonetheless, I did have to laugh at the image your title provoked of Linda Ronstadt singing “Poor, poor pitiful me!” in the late 70s. And now I can’t get that damned song out of my head!
    Rest well and heal quickly!

  6. Mija

    Thanks everyone. Now that I’m better I feel a little embarrassed by this post. I’m leaving it up though because all of your good wishes did a lot to cheer me.
    Plus I got a song stuck in Indy’s head. 😉


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