Restraints Startle

So this morning I biked to the gym just after 7AM (not usual for me on a Saturday morning but I had a bout of insomnia). The morning was foggy misty grey, something which added to the surrealness of this startle which almost caused me to ride my bike into a parked car.

You see, coming up on the sidewalk beside me, there was an older (at least in their 70s) Japanese couple. This is not unusual — lots of people go out for walks early in the morning. However, as I got closer, I noticed the woman was carrying what looked like a dog leash, but there was no dog. As I go closer, I realized to my surprise the leash was attached to the wrists of the male half of the couple which were
fastened behind him. Cue double-take and me almost riding into a parked

My first thought was, well maybe he has some sort of dementia and she
needs to keep hold of him. But were that the case, why pin his hands
behind his back? There seemed no explaination beyond the obvious — she
was taking her husband for a walk.

Even after thinking about it throughout my workout, I still came up
empty so I thought I’d share. Any ideas?

[The restraints looked a lot like the ones in this picture if you imagine them fastened behind and the strap being held by his female companion.]

2 thoughts on “Restraints Startle

  1. lilcaitlyn

    That’s amazing. I saw kids last summer in the mall– teenagers. She had him in handcuffs attached to a leash. I wanted to go talk to them and give them a thumbs-up, but I was too shy. The audacity! I loved it!
    I’m new to the blog by the way, but not to Pablo and Mija stories. I remember when I was fifte–er– eighteen, back in the late 90s, the first time I realized I was not alone in the world was reading Laura’s Spanking Corner, and I loved you and Pablo’s stories. I found the treehouse years later but there weren’t any recent updates. I’m SO pleased to hear you guys got married and are still doing well. 🙂 For years, I wondered about you two, and this blog and PB are amazing.
    Thanks for publishing in the late 90s and for helping me to realize I’m normal. Or if not normal, at least in good company! I’ve still not had a spanking relationship yet (sigh), but you and the other PB ladies and gents give me hope that it can and will happen!
    Hope to see you around at a SL party sometime, when I move back to the States.

  2. Mija

    You’re very welcome. It’s always good to hear that The Treehouse meant something to someone else — it meant such a lot to me. Though, as I said to Emma Jane recently, with the lack of updates it does feel a bit like a neglected child. We have plans to redo it at some point, but there are so many project it keeps getting left behind.
    It would be great to see you at a SL party sometime. Meanwhile, I hope you keep having fun.


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