Startle: Swots

First, a confession, I’ve definitely got a thing, so to speak for BBC radio quiz shows and panel games for purely vanilla reasons (as pure as anything is for me).  I’m devoted to News Quiz, Just a Minute and a number of others.  The comedians working off each other just plain appeals to me.

On the kink side, I love that comments about CP seem to appear at pretty regular intervals in all of them.  My all time favorite was the moment on “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue” when the irreplaceable Humphrey Lyttleton said “I was caned at school at it never did me any harm” ::3 beat pause:: “…though it did almost make me late this evening” or something close to it.

The Radio Scotland program, Swots, which was hosted by Miles Jupp and Susan Morrison and broadcast last summer, takes this to a whole other level.  The premise of the quiz show is that it’s set in a 1960s Scottish classroom where “the belt” (in the form of sound effect belt slaps and “ouch”) is used for any wrong answers to spelling and maths questions.  Wonderfully funny with an added thrill (for me anyway) of the sound of belt whackings and references to having to report to school masters “in vest and pants.”

Startling and delightful!

For more information (but you’ll need to find a download site yourself).

3 thoughts on “Startle: Swots

  1. Spankedhortic

    Nice to know that I am not the only radio 4 fan around. Love the quizzes but some of the comedies are brilliant as well. My favorite at the moment is Clare In The community but the best ever for Corporal Punishment bits was Bleak Expectations, that was brilliant.

  2. Penny Docherty

    I know what you mean (although it’s something of a surprise to hear it from someone based in the US). I love the cut-and-thrust repartee of games like that and they remind me of the good things about my first properly kink-intensive relationship, which was with a barrister. I subbed to him, but partly worked out that I was more of a toppy switch because we had very sharp give-as-good-as-you-get witty conversations.
    I’ve just happened across your blog and I like it very much, hope you don’t mind me shoving my oar in. Without wanting to give too much away, as well as being a junior spanko, I recently finished a PhD in a Latin America related subject and have mental health problems, so I relate a bit to that frustration of feeling your brain cloud over too much to have clarity of though when juggling academic matters.
    (I have to say, getting together with Pandora B helped a lot with that – a marvellous combination of her giving supportive snuggles and cooking dinner, asking good questions about work and then getting sidetracked into CP play that was so searingly hot it somehow cleared my head and fired me up with inspiration. But anyway, this is getting to be All About Me so I’ll leave it at that).


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