Christmas all over again

It’s after 11:00PM  and I’m just sitting down to blog for today.  Almost missing my daily advent promise and I would hate that, though I suspect you, dear reader could get by without a day of my blogging to blog.

Yesterday was a rough day — the last day of my job and my last day officially as a graduate student (the two are connected).  I felt a bit bittersweet about it, glad to be done but worried about what the future holds and sad to say goodbye to the good people I worked with.  Just as I was getting my head around the day, we had a bit of disappointing news.  Nothing horrible but, as is our way, Paul sees it as something that will make life more interesting, while my first reaction is to feel that we’re  doomed. I suspect the reality is closer to Paul.  On the plus side, my parents both arrived from Portland and will be with us through New Year’s — except for a few days when they’re going to the desert and a kinky friend is coming to stay with us.

Today, as is so often the case after a bit of a storm, was a wonderful day.  The sun shone and Paul, Mom and I ventured out to hunt for a Christmas tree and tree stand (the one we used last year was so shallow it basically killed the tree).  On the way we had breakfast, managed to pick up some presents at See’s Candy and found some crackers for a bargain price at the Tuesday Morning store.


Each year I think we’ve found the very best tree ever and each year I like the new tree better than any we’ve ever had before.  This year is no exception — clearly we’ve found the perfect tree.  From the moment the tree was delivered I was struck by how lovely and straight it was, just full enough to fit the space but not taking up more of the living room than we have to give.  I snapped a picture and then pulled out the Christmas music and decorations and my mom and I trimmed the tree.

It’s amazing how the act of pulling out familiar Christmas things (which includes my nana’s mismatched nativity set) and listening to Christmas songs suddenly makes the holiday feel real. Tonight, filled with good cheer (and a nice sized scotch), I feel happy not to have to go to work for a few weeks, hopeful that one of the jobs I’ve applied for will materialize and not too worried about the future.  Mostly though I’m feeling like it’s Christmas all over again.



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