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Life has suddenly become more stressful.  In addition to the normal holiday stress, I'm looking for work and worrying about not having any.  It's all going to be okay, but while I know it, I don't feel it. It's frustrating feeling like I'm putting myself out there but not hearing anything, yes or no, from anyone.

Today, mostly thanks to a rainstorm keeping us home, I put on my gymslip and knickers and Paul spanked me with his hand and the hairbrush and then caned me.  The scene left me sore, but slightly more centered than I'd felt before. Much as I do think being spanked, especially by Paul, generally leaves me feeling better, I don't think it did as much for me today. Instead I think the calm feeling I had after the scene was due to the corner time during it.  

When he first sent me to the corner, I didn't think I could stand still and quiet — there was just so much going on in my head. But as I stood there, unable to really see or hear anything, I started focusing on breathing and just being in the moment.  There was nothing I could or was supposed to do other than stand and be still.  It made being spanked easier.  After, I was almost eager to go and stand in it, even knowing when the cornertime was over I was going to be caned.  

I know a lot of people find cornertime boring or even objectifying.  I can see that. In fact, given my personality, I'm surprised cornertime works at all.  But it does.  Once I can finally stand still, I start feeling a sort of calm acceptance, a feeling of not being in control, one that leaves me feeling taken care of.  It doesn't feel childish or even like a punishment exactly.

Clearly this needs some more thought.  What are your thoughts from the corner?

3 thoughts on “From the Corner

  1. Indy

    I have to admit to being fascinated by corner time, though my not-so-toppy play partner uses only on the rare occasions in which I can talk him into roleplay. Usually, it’s in the middle of a caning and I’m only conscious of being glad to have a break. And being very, very thirsty! But even blatant misbehavior like peeking to see the football game on TV is never punished, so the effect is limited.

  2. Eayore

    The calm acceptance is a feeling I know well. Having spent many, many hours of my life standing in the corner, I notice my physical sensations today consist of 3 phases: a brief moment of agitation when I am told to go there; my heart and ears pounding as I walk; and calm acceptance which now comes almost instantaneously the moment I get into position. I guess the agitation and the pounding are because I know once I’m there, it’s not my decision when I come out. That is what not being in control means for me.
    (Unfortunately, in my opinion) I then quickly forget my immediate surroundings and go off into a fantasy world inside my own mind. I say unfortunately because there is virtually no chance of either contrition or attitude adjustment taking place while I am in my imaginary space. Eventually though I do reach a point of awakening where I remember where I am standing, and start to wish I could be somewhere else. Only then do I think about why I was sent here, and how I could modify my behaviour in the future.


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