Holiday Meme: Question 4

Do you open any gifts on Christmas Eve?

I come from a family with delayed gratification issues.  We open all of our presents on Christmas Eve.  And it's a struggle to wait that long.   Part of the reason this tradition of opening our presents Christmas Eve started is that generally my childhood holidays were spent on the freeways, going from one family event to another.  My mom and dad are both from large families and we tried to see everyone on Christmas day.  Later my parents hosted Christmas so Christmas Eve was time for our immediate family (including my grandparents) to hang out, open gifts and be together.

The other reason though is that my mom and I suffer from a desire to give gifts as soon as we buy them.  I've gotten a little better, mostly because Paul won't open his presents early even if I try and tease him into it, but it's still a struggle.  For years I did all my shopping and wrapping Christmas Eve day because it was the only way I could wait long enough.  I'm endlessly impressed by people who do all their shopping before Thanksgiving.  Not just because they're clearly more organized than me, but really because they're able to wait to give their gifts.  I just couldn't do it.

We do open one thing Christmas morning — stockings.  Because, you know, Santa doesn't fill them until then.  

4 thoughts on “Holiday Meme: Question 4

  1. Hermione

    We always opened gifts on Christmas Eve, up until the last few years. I believe it is a European tradition in many countries, so as a child, then when married to my first husband, it was just what we always did.
    In my current relationship we had the fun of dividing the celebration between two families, so every one gathered at our home on Christmas Eve for a big meal and presents. Now that there are only the two of us, and no visiting relatives to consider, Ron and I wait till Christmas morning, and make the fun last as long as possible by building up the anticipation by eating breakfast first.

  2. jan

    It is the tradition in my family to open presents on Birthday Eve. That started when my sister and I were little, and she couldn’t wait to give me a present. Now it is expected that other holiday presents that get mailed will be opened as soon as they arrive. Sometimes we are early, and others we are weeks late.


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