Holiday Meme: Question 8

Do you remember your favourite gift?

As an adult, I was taught Christmas presents are for children and so gifts are mostly symbolic, to show someone was thinking of you but they aren't supposed to dazzle.  That all changed when I met Paul.  He puts a huge amount of thought into gifts and therefore generally gives really thoughtful and special presents.  He's given me some really amazing gifts, each of them somehow changing how I do something or other.   The ones that stand out the most:

  1. My first iPod (which sadly was lost when my backpack was stolen in London).  When I got it I didn't completely appreciate it but over the course of a year it became vital to my life and happiness.
  2. An orange KitchenAid Mixer.  This gift rocked my world — I'd wanted of these stand mixers for years and this one is such a cool color. I use it a lot for cooking and baking. Every time I use it I remember what an indulgent gift it was and how surprised I felt opening it.

But the best gift ever?  The Christmas Paul gave me The Treehouse as a space to house our stories.  :)  

Are gifts important to you?  What's your favorite present you've gotten in adulthood?

4 thoughts on “Holiday Meme: Question 8

  1. Season

    The Treehouse was a gift for a lot of us, too! Long before I ever dared peep out into the spanking world that was my favorite “go-to” place where I found validation and comfort about this aspect of myself.

  2. bridget

    Gifts are important to me, but usually only for symbolic reasons. I like knowing that somebody was thinking of me and I like thinking of the perfect gift for someone I love. I’ve had a lot of favorites over the years, including the journal that Master gave me. Usually it’s simple things that help me feel connected to Master or our family that really are meaningful to me over gadgets.
    That said, Master got me a *beautiful* stand mixer this year, and I am beyond excited. Maybe we can compare mixer notes!


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