Holidays: Weekend With Dad

After whining about my father living with us, I sort of feel like I need to write this for a bit of balance.  The fact is, stressful though it may be, I love spending time with my dad, especially when, like this weekend, I want to be busy but don't have a lot of direction in terms of what I want to do.  

Last week was stressful.  I found out at the last minute about a post-doc I wanted to apply for and basically spent every waking moment between Monday and Wednesday night writing a research proposal for it.  Thursday and Friday were recovery days as I'd stressed myself past all comfortable limits.  It's a real long shot but it'll be awesome if I get it. I'm just vaguely proud of myself for getting the proposal in at all.

This weekend my dad and I spent pretty much every waking moment together.  I got up early on Saturday, made coffee for us both.  We then went to visit my great-aunt who's recovering for surgery for sinus cancer.  After a late breakfast with her went went shopping for supplies for soup and over to visit my brother who was home watching the Oregon games.  When we got home, I made nachos, dad made tuna salad and we watched the USC / UCLA game.  Sunday I slept in until 9, then dad made me bacon and eggs for breakfast.  I turned on the computer and researched making cocido (a traditional Mexican soup).  He took me to the pharmacy then did some work for a couple hours.  We made soup, went for a walk and made Christmas plans.  In the evening I helped him find gifts online for his clients.  Finally we watched Time Team and then Antique Roadshow before I collapsed into bed.  

I had a great weekend.  Everything was fun, I felt productive and wasn't worried that either my father or I were driving Paul (who spent a lot of the weekend working) too crazy.  Most satisfying?  I heard from my mom that my dad had had a great weekend and was enthusing to her how much he'd enjoyed spending time with me. 

Next weekend Dad will be in Oregon with my mom.  After that they'll both be here until early January.  As much as I love having time alone and alone with Paul, I'm looking forward to being surrounded by my family at Christmas — especially at having my brother and his family and my parents over to our apartment for Christmas Eve.  It feels happy and right.

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